Does a fishing hook actually disolve when left in a fish?


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First of all, no one uses brass fishing hooks...

Second, if a fish hook is hard to remove, it's better to cut the line of at the hook and leave it in, as having a fish out of the water for an extended period of time is not good for the health of the fish... Also, if it's deeply imbedded down the throat, you'd have to rip it out, which would probably kill the fish...

Third, I think half the people who answered this question have never been fishing in their lives...

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i dont think so

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Uh, no. A fish doesn't live long enough for a fish hook to "dissolve".

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no is made of steel.

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No, most fishing hooks are made of brass which takes a long time to rust. If left in the fish's mouth, the fish will have a hard time eating properly and might eventually die.

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If the fish lives long enough it may finally rust away, but i don't think the fish will live that long.

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The hook will dissolve in a saltwater species of fish and that will occur fairly quickly. In freshwater, it will but it takes quite a bit of time

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There made out of metal, you know how long it will take to rust away? I don't think they desolve at all. You need to remove the hook before releasing them.

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yes the hook will dissolve all these people that say no have no clue what they are talking about

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Fish secrete an enzyme that wil dissolve a hook in just a few days, I have personally taken halfway dissolved hooks out of fish after I caught them, Fish hooks are made of steel, occasionally stainless steel, in this case they don't dissolve, but the majority of fisherman use steel hooks. So don't feel bad about leaving a hook in a fishes throat and throwing it back, it'll be fine, it's better than ripping its guts out to get the hook back and killing the fish.

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Stainless steel hooks of course are more resilient than most others. And depending on the fish, there is indeed, plenty of time in it's life for a hook to either dissolve or work it's way out. For example, redfish (red drum) can live 40 years, i think that's long enough for a hook to go away..

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Yes, eventually they will...

Brass fishin' hooks, never heard of such an "animal"!?

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I never heard or brass hooks myself? But anyway yes they will dissolve and often times a fish can get a hook out on his own by rubbing against the bottom or structure,

I had a bass break my line and lost a lure with 2 treble hooks about a week ago, I went fishing in the same area the next day and found my lure , one of the trebles was straightned out so the fish was able to unhook his self

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For saltwater fish..YES!!...the majority of the time it will dissolve with the ensymes and saltwater..

(For billfish)
Now that most sport fishermen are using circle hooks as oppossed to J-Hooks..the majority of the fish are hooked in the corner of the oppossed to deep in the stomach which tends to happen with J-Hooks....this is a lot less stressfull on the fish and 95% of the time you can easily remove the hook....I cannot remember the last time that I had to leave a hook in a fish...

Regarding a fish surviving with a hook in its mouth...definitely... have released many marlin that we had to remove long-liner hooks sometimes with 8' long pieces of leader attached

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