Can a .22 rifle kill someone?

Question:I was reading that many people cant be killed with a .22 from a far distance, that the bullet just goes around the skull not even getting in. Is that true?

And that you have to be really close to the subject to actually damage them. IS this true?


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A .22 will kill you dead. Bullets going around the skull are aberrations so seldom documented that they are not even worth mentioning. They are almost urban legends, except that there are documented cases where this has occurred and not just with a .22; it has to do with angle and the fact that the skull is made to protect the brain.

Frequently the .22 is the choice of professional hitmen because it is quiet and easier to ditch. The statement about "people can't be killed from a far distance with a .22" is misleading. Hit them right and they are DEAD. Too far a distance and the bullet won't reach them, so that is the only instance when that statement would be true.


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No it's not true. You can kill someone with a .22 even at a long distance. As long as the bullet is still flying, it can kill.

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A .22 rifle can, in fact, kill. And a bullet to the heart can kill as well.

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A .22 can kill someone, harder to at a distance, but if it hit the right spot, it would very much be possible.

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Yes, it can if hit in a very vulnerable spot.

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My friend, Tim Henson, also asked me this question the other day - he has very distorted views. I told him to have someone shoot you in order to find out...if you're that curious.

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think about it, people can get killed by a pen, do you really need to question about a rifle? close or not, if it gets you in the right place your dead.

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It really all depends on where the victim is hit. In some cases people survive .45 caliber bullet wounds. A .22 caliber bullet may not be able to pierce an average human skull at a large enough distance, but the bullet can most certaintly pierce skin and possibly sever an artery for instance.

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yesit can kill, as as for the scull thing, i do not know if it is true, but suposedly it will go throu one side, and just bounce arround, and not have the power to leave.

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No, it is not true. A .22 can kill you. It could easily hit you in the eye even from a very long distance and kill you. The blunt force trama to the head would kill you, even if the skull was not fully penetrated.

This is a true story. A few years in rural North Carolina where I grew up, some guys were out in the backyard. They had a safe backdrop because there were no houses. They started shooting a .22 at some flying crows. They knew the chances of hitting one were slim, but they were just having fun shooting.

The didn't know that one of their cousins was riding his four wheeler in a field out of sight in the distance. When he didn't come home that evening, people started searching for him. He was killed by one of the stray .22 bullets. It hit him in the head. It was a freak thing and took a while for people to piece together. He was killed by the stray bullet from a long way away that his cousins were shooting.

Guns are not to be played with. Any gun can killed you. You can even be killed from a paint ball gun or pellet gun if shot in the eye at closer range.

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Yes, you can be killed by a .22 rifle. I suppose that when a very long range shot is taken, the bullet might lose enough velocity that it wouldn't penetrate through the skull of an adult. However, there are many locations on the body would still be vulnerable (neck, chest, abdomen, etc.). I wouldn't recommend experimenting.

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A .22 caliber gun, rifle or pistol, can kill someone.

Imagine if you will a medium sized phillips screwdriver stabbing you.that's about the sized hole a .22 will make.

Depending on a great many conditions and despite the many myths about them, a .22 will go through any bone in the human body and damage soft tissue just like any other bullet.

Now, with that said, a .22 is a small and light projectile that doesn't carry much energy. A heavy coat for example may stop enough of this energy to prevent a fatal wound.

That is why, when selecting a defensive caliber, the biggest you are comfortable with the better. Most data points to 9mm and .38spl being the "minimum" rounds you would want for a defensive pistol or revolver.

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Actually, I have had a .22 in my corner for some time now and it hasn't got up and killed me. But if there was a person shooting at me with it, I'm not gonna turn around to find out the answer to this question.
It seems to me that the bullet would lose it's strength when going for a distance but when it finds it's mark, it can do damage.
And no, you don't have to be close to do damage.

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any rifle or pistol can kill you.

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