What goes first on the line? Hook or weight?

I am a new fisher, bought every thing needed to fish but realized that I don't know how to fix the line. What goes first on the line? Hook or weight? Do I need a bobber & how does that go on the line? I am fishing in Lake LBJ in Texas. I learned how to tie the knots, I just don’t know in what order every thing on the line goes. Any web sites known that could help? PLEASE……


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for most types of fishingrigs the weight will be placed higher up on the line and the hook will be at the very end.

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hook first, then weight, then bobber.with distance between each

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weight then hook

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the weight, then the hook. or you can use split shot weights and crimp them on the line after the hook is on. A bobber can be attached to the line after all that . keep the sinker about 1 foot above the hook in most applications and attach the bobber 3 feet above the hook in most applications.

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You'll want the weight on before the hook. If you go to Wal-Mart, there is usually very knowledgable people back in the outdoor section that will walk you through everything. Happy fishing...

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The hook is always attached to the very end of the line. About 12 to 24 " above that, attach a swivel, and then a weight if you are using bait. I don't know how deep your lake is, but you might want a bobber about 4 to 6 feet up if you're fishing from the bank. There are probably Bass in your lake, so I would try a Rapala or a Panther Martin lure, in which case you don't need the weight or the bobber. I'm sorry the lake had to be named after a liberal democrat who tried to ruin our country.

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if you are using a sliding sinker which looks like an egg sinker it goes on the line before the hook, if your using pinch on sinkers then it doesn't matter. type in fishing in your address bar and enter and that should give you some ideas

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Hi. I take fishing pole out put sinker on than a bright bobber
hook on 6 inches below the sinker than put my favorit hook on end of the line now put your bate on hook.enjoy lovely day of fishing.

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Depends on what your fishing for. The reason there are so many different lures, is that for the most part, each lure, or fishing rig is set up for different types of fish. Sounds like your interest in just throwing out a bobber with some bait on a hook, which kind of limits the approach your taking to fishing (which is all right!, that way your not breaking the bank buying a thousand dollars worth of lures you may never use...)
If your going for pan fish, and the place your fishing at isn't too deep (say 10 feet), set your bobber at 5 feet, use a smaller hook, say one's shank is 2" and it's hook is relatively small, and use the pinch type weights, 2 will do, put your worm, or grub on cast it out into the lake. Sit back and wait for the bobber to go under water, and then pull back on the rod to set the hook. If your going for something larger, like trout or bass, the rod, bait, hook will need to be set up differently. It might not be a bad idea to check in with your local bait and fishing shop to see what works for the fish in your local area.

Good luck!

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The best is to either have a running line though a sinker...

Rod line through sinker tied with blood knot to swivel (to keep weight from hook) blood note on short length of line to hook...

So if a fish picks up the baited hook you feel it right away.

The real answer is with smaller fish anyway to be able to feel the fish take... more fun that way:-)

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Bobber goes on top so you can adjust the height of the bait and the weight goes next keeping the line taught or from moving down stream to quickly. So the bait can have a more realistic appearance.
Good Luck..

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If you are using swivels(which is recommended), it doesnt matter, snap the hook on the swivel and then put the weight above the swivel a couple inches, and that should do you.

If you arent using swivels(which isnt recommended because you dont get the moving action out of the lure without a swivel) then attach the weight, slide it up, and then put the hook on the line.

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for catfish.

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On most fishing rigs the hooks will be on the bottom then your weight and then the float! That is the standard rig for float fishing.To make things a little easy use a slip float rig with this method.Other rigs you may need to have the weight on the bottom ie: use with crappie rig or the double hook rig with a bell sinker on the bottom!
On a slip float rig! put the bobber stop on the line first then if needed use the bead (this prevents the float from sticking on the stop) now put a sinker on and tie the needed size hook or snelled hook on for size fish you are after! For the best casting distance put sinker about 6" to 10" from hook.With the slip rig you can now fish many different depths down to very deep water!
Many times I use a finder rig in a boat while trying to find deepwater panfish ie: small bell sinker on the bottom then I come up the line with a hook about 12" above it tied on first! I then drop weight to bottom and work the water column to find the depth the fish are at I then change over to my slip rig.Many more rigs to fish with but just a basic and good luck!

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Lake LBJ huh? Nice little lake full of bass, crappie, perch, catfish!
You already have some good answers so I just wanted to give you a link on using a bobber.it hopefully will make you laugh.

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How to Tie a Drop Shot Rig
Drop shot rigs are one of the most popular way to fish a plastic bait right now. It is an easy rig to tie and fish, and it catches bass. It is especially good for suspended fish or pressured bass that will not hit any other rig.
The drop shot is simply a way of tying your hook up the line and putting the lead on the bottom. Fishermen have been using rigs like this for many years. Raising the bait off the bottom gives fish a different look, and it is often easier for them to see it.

The drop shot is best fished on light line and spinning outfits. I fish mine on a 6 foot light action spinning rod with a fast taper and spool the reel with 6 to 8 pound PLine.

Although there are many different specialized hooks and leads available to tie this rig, all you really need is what you have.

Any small worm hook and any kind of sinker will work. I like a 1/0 offset Eagle Claw hook and a 1/8ths to 3/8ths ounce bullet sinker.
Start by tying on the hook using either a Palomar or Clinch knot. Leave the tag end the length you want the worm to be off the bottom. Start at 16 to 20 inches up the line unless you see fish suspended a certain distance off the bottom. If you do, tie the hook that distance up the line.

When you tie the hook on, bring the tag end back through the eye of the hook from the top down, that will make the hook stand out straight. Make sure you pull your knot tight when tying it.

Tie on a weight at the end or simply slide a bullet sinker on the end of the line. Tie an overhand knot right on the end of the line, let the sinker slide back down to it and then peg it with a toothpick. I usually cut the toothpick off even with the lead when using a Texas rig, but I often leave it an inch long or so. That seems to keep it out of rocks better.

Pegging the lead like this allows it to slip off when it gets hung in rocks and you can slip another one on without having to re-tie the whole rig. You can also crimp on a split shot and do the same thing, and you don't have to worry about weakening the line since it will be below the hook.

If fishing open water, hook a small worm on by running the hook thru the nose. If there is brush around the area, you can rig the worm Texas style, making it weedless. Use small worms like Zoom Finesse worms, 4 inch Dead Ringers, Flukes or other similar baits.

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most of the time the hook goes on the end and the weight goes above it sometimes its oppisite like cod fishing

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