What is the law on hunting deer on your own property?


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You can download the hunting regulations for your state. There are circumstances that allow deer to be taken without a license. Local laws may overide the state hunting requirements.

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you still need a license...

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Only illegal if you get caught.

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all you need is a license

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It's your property, but the deer belong to the state's wildlife office, so you need their permission to hunt. You can keep other hunters out, or prosecute them for trespassing.

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You can also file a deal and have it signed by a judge that the deer are destroying like you gardens or corn fields in the spring and you can take so many out of season that way.

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You will need to check your state's Game department for their rules and licenses.

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check your states dnr it varies

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Varies by state & local law. Most states provide land owner permits through the stae game commision. This is so farmers & other land owners can rid deer from ther property. Now how you do that may depend on local laws ( some towns say no hunting or discharge of fireams) in other cases Like in SE PA, it is a Special regs zone. Bow hunting or Shotgun only. Check with you state game dept. In the phone book under Government services blue pages.

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In Georgia you do not need a license to hunt on your own property but still need to record the deer taken and stay within the regulations.

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if they are damaging you property you can get a license to shoot them out of season.

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For me, must have a license and be in deer season, must have antlers longer than 3 inches.

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That allen_b Dude is right.
my buddy petitioned his local authority and we shot deer for 3 weeks in the middle of august... and september... and november... He has A LOT of corn feilds...
Anyways. Petition and you can kill as you like. Its your property. They should be your deer. Too bad they arn't.

You can shoot on your own property legally. No carcass, no crime.

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West Virginia - Land owners do not need a License to hunt on there own property.

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in ohio you can kill deer on your own land but you have to make your own tag you still have too check it in. but check with you DNR IN YOUR STATE

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