If you put mercury into the tip of a hollow point PELLET, will it explode when you hit your target/the animal?

just wondering i heard it from somewhere. wondering if anyone else has heard this andif it is true?


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No, it will NOT explode, nor will the mercury cause the pellet to expand any more than it would without it. Not only that, if you shoot an animal with it and kill it, the mercury will poison the meat, and YOU, if you eat it. If you DON'T kill the animal with the shot and it escapes, it will die a horrible death from mercury poisoning, which will piss off Mother Nature and cause you incredible amounts of bad karma.
This is a fairy tale started by stupid hoodlums in prohibition days, along with the "dum-dum" fantasy, and perpetuated by the ignorant story writers in Hollywierd.

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Mercury is a heavy metal, why would it explode? It is also very toxic.


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Not a chance.

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There have been many tales of exploding bullets,personally I have never seen one explode. However, is it safe to be handling mercury? You may want to find out the facts of handling it first. Remember, RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH!

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No, but phosphorus tracer rounds continue to burn inside bodies.

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No. Back in the 1930's or thereabouts there seems to have been a minor fad of trying to fill the hollowpoint in bullets with mercury and a plug, among other things. Neither this nor any of the other experiments amounted to much, and it was the much more effective designs like the Nosler Partition that really made bullet construction jump to a different level.

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Any uncompressible liquid would cause the bullet as you put it to "explode”. A water filled bullet that is just a metal shell filled with water will fragment when the bullet hits the target. Myth busters did a show on disappearing bullets.

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No it comes from mercury fulminate being tried as a form of exploding rounds. I wouldn't mess with mercury and I would quit trying to come up with exploding rounds

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Yes this is true but you couldn't eat any animal you shot with them and it wouldn't be a good idea to contaminate the enviroment with all that mercury( very toxic and harmful to wildlife). So please don't attempt this.

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No it will not explode, what it does is flattens the lead tip even more due to the mercury being heavier what it will do is kill what it hits by putting mercury in to the body,causing mercury poisoning,it is highly unethical and is against the law.

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No I wouldnt recommend it to hunt with either

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Besides all the answers here just one thing comes to mind it's highly''ILLEGAL''

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No, it won't.
But messing with mercury CAN cause liver and brain damage.
The term "Mad as a hatter" came into being because hatmakers used mercury to treat beaver pelts that were used to make Top hats in the 1800's. They had a tendancy to die insane at a young age from liver damage.

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Mercury will not cause a bullet to explode. If you drill out a bullet, put a drop of mercury inside, and plug the end, when the bullet hits something hard the mercury will slam forward into the end of the bullet, causing the end to pop out. Mercury fulmitate is a contact explosive. You could hypothetically fill a hollow point bullet with it, but it's very hard, smelly, poisonous, and illegal to make, and it's as likely to go off in the pan or when you load or fire a round as when it strikes a target. No explosive could be put into a bellet to make it explode- even if the entire pellet were made out of an explosive, the pellet would still be too small to do any real damage.

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