Can you really buy a Thompson submachine gun or use it?


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The answer to your question, which would scare the HELL out of all the ignorant, bleeding-heart liberal gun-thieves out there, is YES, you CAN own a full-auto Thompson SMG, and you DON'T need a Class 3 dealers' license to do so!
The requirements for ownership of any Class 3 weapon, including full-auto machine guns is passing a BATFE and FBI background check and clearance, which could take as long as six months or more, and, once cleared, the new proud owner must pay a $200 transfer stamp tax on the weapon, above and beyond the price tag and all sales taxes.
The sad state nowadays is that the price of the venerable Thompson has rocketed well over the five digit range. Just for a "shooter", one is looking at a price tag over $10,000.
I know this for a dead-level FACT, because my best friend and Brother(the LUCKY DOG) owns a 1927A1 FBI Model with the 50rnd drum magazine.
I have helped him load ammo for his "chopper" and had the exciting privilege of helping him burn it up again!

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Yes and no. In the U.S. you need a class 3 license. Obtaining one can be a long and drawn out process including background checks. I believe you also must be 21 or older. Not even everyone with a clear background gets qualified. Then of course you have to buy the gun, which is expensive.

I just found a website that might help you a little more.

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If you can pass a FBI background check and pay a 200$ tax, yes you surely can. The bad news is they have already passed the 10,000$ mark in price!
Anyone who can legally own a rifle can buy an Auto Ordanance/Kahr arms Thompson semiautomatic rifle for under 1000$ They have both the 1927 and M-1 thompson styles avalible, as well as stick and drum magazines. Other than a slightly longer barrel and no full-auto capibility, they are a dead ringer for the real deal.

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Damn right you can. It was good enough to fight the F'in Nazis, its good enough to hang on my mantle!! This is America, not Canada.

You just have to be prepared to jump through the hoops that the government presents to you in the form of paper work and fees. Plus a long waiting period. It can be done.

Actually, in CT it is earier to get a weapon that is FULL AUTO ONLY then it is to get a weapon that is selective fire. Selective fire here is concidered an "assault weapon".

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You can if you have between $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 to invest for a real one and pass the govt. background check and pay the fees and subject to random inspections by Big Brother. Or you can buy a semi-auto replica for around $1000.00 give or take a few hundred bucks and blast away. I doubt if you can walk down the street carrying one though.
They are heavy at 15# empty.

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You have to ask yourself what you would use it for? Then you have to qualify and obtain a Class 3 license and pay the transfer and asking price of a Thompson submachine gun.

Are you still interested? If you can satisfy all these requirements that still doesn't mean you can 'use' one. For example, in many places you can buy a handgun, but you can't carry it without a concealed carry permit. In the case of full-auto guns it is a question of legality if carrying/using one is legal even with all the required paper work.

For example, it is NOT legal to hunt with a fully automatic weapon. Another possible scenerio: Try explaining to Homeland Security what you are doing carrying a fully automatic machine gun out on the streets? If you are going to leave it on your mantel, like someone else suggested, and you have money to burn then GO FOR IT.


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FYI for user "browning"

There are plenty of Thompsons in CANADA... Simpson Sears (just like SEARS in the USA) used to sell them via catalog before there was any restrictions placed on them.

Here are the Thompson submachine guns in my area of Canada. (BC)

AUTO ORDNANCE CORPORATION 1928A1 Submachine Gun Converted Auto Prohibited BC full
AUTO ORDNANCE CORPORATION 1928A1 Submachine Gun Converted Auto Prohibited BC full
AUTO ORDNANCE CORPORATION M1A1 Submachine Gun Converted Auto Prohibited BC full
THOMPSON 1928A1 Submachine Gun Converted Auto Prohibited BC full
THOMPSON M1A1 Submachine Gun Converted Auto Prohibited BC full
THOMPSON M27A1 DELUXE Submachine Gun Semi-Automatic Prohibited BC full

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The old Thompson Sub-machine gun can be purchased in three forms, replica, semi-auto and full-auto. In the full-auto you'll first need to apply for a class III permit and you are looking at a total for permit and gun around $4000 to $7500 bucks. The Semi-auto can cost $750 to $1500 and that is your best option.

Last of all who want's to spend $300 to $500 for a replica, something you can't even shoot.

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Absolutely. The other gentlemen who answered were quite
correct. Of course, you'll have to carry it in a musical instrument
case while walking anywhere except to the firing range and game
hunters may shoot back if your tommy' sprays their own stalks.
Tennessee takes a rather hard line on self defense when any firearms are used so inquire as to laws in your state.

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