Is 13 seconds a good time for a 14 year old girl running the 100m dash?

If not, what to aim for?


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First off, that ducky person who told you that you need to run 9ish to run in High School is retarded...9.77 is the MENS WORLD RECORD currently held by Asafa Powell of Jamaica and Justin Gatlin of the U.S. In HS I've seen girls go from 12.4 to as low as 16 sec. or even more depending on the runner.these are HS times mind you. 12.4 won the conference meet in the OK White here in Michigan.i assume you dont live in MI but its a really competitive conference. 13 seconds for a 14 yr old is awesome! You're in what 8th grade?? You must dominate the other girls...keep working hard! Make sure you get your starts down to an art...use blocks if possible and have your coaches work with you on getting out of the blocks correctly.for a workout try doing 2 70m dashes...2 150m dashes and then finish with a couple 100m dashes.good luck!

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Yes, i believe it is a good time. But try to knock at least 2 seconds off of that time if you really want to go for like the high school team, cause some of them girls can run it in like 9ish seconds, but as a 14 year old, yes i believe that is good.

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13 seconds for 100m? That's a fantastic time for a 14 year old female. The best female runner in my league (DI college) are only running low 12's with a few high 11's, so if you're running 13s as a 14 year old that is phenomenal.

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Hand-timed or electronically timed, either way, 13s for 14 yr old is real fast. A girl born in the early 1900s running 100m in 13s will be a then world record holder. Only in the 1930s has women broken the sub-12s barrier.

Currently, the world record is at 10.49s(electronically timed) set in 1988 by Florence Griffith-Joyner.

The current 2004 Olympic winning time is 10.93s by Yulia Nestsiarenka.

Remember, the above are set by world beaters.. so if a 14 year old girl can do 13s, it is a fantastic timing. She shd aim for sub-12s in the near future.

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wow! is all i can say, im a county 100m runner and i set a pb of 12 yesterday , and im a 15 year old male so wow! to you! that is great . and no you dont have to try and aim for 9 seconds lol , the world record is 9.77 by a bloke so you only have to go to about 11! well done!

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i think it is a good time but in some events i have been in for the boys 100 metres i have watched the girls race and most get in the 12 seconds

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13 seconds is pretty good, but of course you're going to want to try to lower your time. Alot of girls that were on my high school team run only 13s, my best was 12.4.

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Sure, that is a good time. As you grow, train, and learn to run you will become much better.

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