How can I shave off 30-45 seconds on my 1.5 mile time in 3 days?

I am taking a physical test for a law enforcement position and barely meet the requirements for the 1.5 mile run. I need to shave off about 35 seconds from my time. I will be tested on a real track (6 laps). Any ideas from you runners out there?


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Run faster!

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keep running. you should have planned better. you just need to average out a minute and divide it by 6. So each lap should be close to 10 sec faster than normal. just do it that way and time yourself

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u can run 2-3 miles each day then go to the weight room 4 lower body strentgh. And buy distance spikes (if u havent already).

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In 3 days!! Not possible unless you dogged it the first time. 30-45 sec's is a life time in running events unless its a marathon or something. I'm serious man there is no physical way to cut that much time in so little time.

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act like there's a criminal with a gun running after you. that will get you moving!

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Odds are slim to none of cutting a half minute at least off of your time in 3 days. But you should keep running at least once a day so that you maintain your current fitness level. Also stay hydrated, run on the inside most lane of the track(thats common sense but still if you haven't done it before it will help), and stretch before you have to run the mile and half. Make sure to pace yourself as if you start out going too fast you might not even meet the requirements as you might tire out. Good Luck.

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CHEAT. It worked for a while for Rosey Ruiz.

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Eat a bunch of pasta the night before. Get a good nights rest. Drink coffee and eat some candy 15 minutes before you do the run.

For a runner, shaving 30 secs of their time would be a huge deal. For a non-runner, it's doable...mostly because your time is so poor and there is so much room for improvement.

good luck!

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try your best.
good luck
in three days it will be tough

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In 3 days?

Just rest.

At the race: try to run even pace! Figure out your goal, then the lap splits you need, and DON'T GO OUT TOO FAST!

Good luck Poncherelli!

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