I am new to running. How many miles is 2K and 5K race?



1.25 and 3.125

figure about 1.6 K per mile

My legs are really sore...?

1K is 1,000 meters, so a 5K is 3.1 miles, and 2K is a little over 1 mile, because a mile is apx. 1610 meters.

Have you ever taken pycnogenol supplements?

2 miles and 5 miles

What should my splits be for a 7 minute mile?

5K is basically around 3 miles and 2K is 40% of 3 miles=1.2 or around 1 1/4 miles

Now check this out im a 5"8 145 pound CB/WR and my hands are great and my routes but NO speed : 5.2-4.9 HELP!!

i believe a 2K race is supposed to be 2 kilometers so since 1 kilometer equals .8 miles i would guess its 1.6 miles and a 5K would be 4 miles.

Could you tell me what is a good time (range) for a thirteen year old in the 1500m?

Ten K is six miles, so 5 K is three miles and 2 K is about a mile and a third.

How do you run the 800 meter and the 400 meter?

Ten K is six miles, so 5 K is three miles and 2 K is about a mile and a third.

Should I start running at age 47?

A 2K is a little bit over a mile, and a 5K is 3.1 miles.

What should i eat and drink just before a 1500m race that i have tomorrow? And when should i eat/drink them?

Quarter mile-400 meters
half mile-800 meters
one mile-1600 meters
2K-2000 meters
2 miles-3200 meters
3 miles-4800 meters
5K-5000 meters
4 miles- 6400 meters
That should give you an idea

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