Will my friend beat me in a race?

I am 14, and run a 21 min. 5k, my friend is 13, but pre-pubescent. His time was 26:24. The rest of his family are really good runners, and he runs a lot. Will his time improve with puberty? This an actual serious question.


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The both of you will improve!! It also depends on both of your sizes? Especially your height and weight ratio? If both of you like running then continue to in High School!! Then the both of you can train!!
If you don't run sure he will improve!! Genes do make a difference but how about yours?

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Sure his time will improve, but you're still 14, which means you'll get faster too. It all depends on how hard you train as compared to how he trains himself.

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both of you will improve with time and practice you are not to your peak permance yet. the key is practice. so yes he could beat you if he runs a lot and you don't. Try doing some speed workouts on the track

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Both of your times will get faster with maturity, but most of your improvement will be from practicing. There are no magic pills to make you faster, just hard work.

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you guys are gonna burn out from training so much at a young age. You really can't tell how good someone is going to be before they mature, and sometimes no matter how hard you train there are people who can beat you with little effort. Right now you have an edge on him and will probably hold that edge for a while, but once you get closer to 16 or so anything can happen.

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