Middle school cross country running times?

whats the best time u got for middle school cross country?


I plan to run my 1st 5k; what is a good finishing time ? a decent average finish line time ?

Cross country 1 mile: 00:5:25
Cross country 1.25 miles: 00:7:01

Track 1600 meters: 00:4:56
Track 1 mile: 00:5:12
Track 800 meters: 00:2:30

How do you train to increase your running speed?

In middle school, I ran a...

6:20 mile
24 min. 5k
15 min 2.2

pretty bad actually lol

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5minutes and 43seconds(1 mile)
19minutes on 5k
i am in 8th grade

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How old is that? when i was 11 I ran 2:55 for the 800m & 6:01 for 1500m- poor times! when i was 16 I ran 2:18 for the 800m & 4:41 for the 1500m

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Mine was 11.07 for the 1.8 mile.

In distericts, I got fourth place.
In coachs meet, I got second place.

Sprinting Advice?

for a little over 2 miles
15:20 ish

Running track! please help!!?

I wish my middle school had had cross-country, I had to wait until high school.
A good 5k for middle would be in the 20-25min area or better. For 10k 50-55 min. In the 2.1 event, anything around 14min or lower. In middle school there still a lot more time to improve before college.
Have fun and enjoy.

Race for Life- June 2007?

My best are:

1m: 6:13

1.7m: 10:58

5k: 21:15

10k: 49:30

6.7m: 53:20

1/2 Marathon: 139:19

And I was only 12 when I did this.
If you are a bit slower, then you should aim for jus 1 mile- 5 kilometer runs. In a 1 mile, aim for under 7 minutes. In a 5k, aim for 25 minutes. Once you have these times, improve on them, and attempt to get high places in your division, or the whole race.

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well seeing as there is no CC for middle school kids at my school i'll put my time for the mile in 8th grade and then ill put my best mile in 9th grade. this is so that you can see that there is lots of time to improve.
8th-6min 16sec
9th 4min 58sec
yes i know that mile times have nothing much to do with CC but everyone else is posting mile times so what the hey

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