Is running going to make my feet wider?

i run for an hour usually, will this cause my feet to expand in width?


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your feet will swell up and get slightly larger after a long run, but not permanently. this is why its not a good idea to go shoe shopping after you've had a big workout.

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Maybe if you are always running while you are carrying alot of heavy things with you like bricks

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I don't think so. My cousin she has the same problem, her feet are too skinny and she has not been able to do any thing to change that.

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maybe a little ,not noticeable. I have been running for over 20 years and I ran 25-30 miles a week I still and always have worn a B width shoe

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no. the thought is ludicrous.

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If it does, it will be a miniscule amount, something you would not be able to see with the naked eye. I had wide feet before I started running... and well, I still have wide feet. My girlfriend's feet were thin before she started running... and they're still thin.

Sprint group?

No. Running will not change your foot size. You may experience temporary swelling when you run but that is not permanent.

I run a lot and have done so for many years. My shoe size and width has not changed since my sophmore year in high school and that was a long time ago.

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If you wear shoes, running will not noticeably increase the width of your feet. However barefoot runners find that after a time, the front of their foot becomes wider and their toes become more spread apart as their feet get stronger. The broadening of the feet isn't a sign that they are using them too much and the feet are "squishing down", it is a sign that their intrinsic foot muscles are actually getting stronger.

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You'd probably have to start with infants, making them wear shoes that constrict vertical growth, but allow for horizontal growth in order to flatten their feet. Some primitive tribes use similar constricting devices for cranial restructuring or to lengthen their necks to make them "more beautiful."

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No.but keep running it's good anyways...
Sometimes the better alternative is to run...

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nope. bones and ligiments are very hard to stretch out. You probably have some really kickin shoes, they should absorb alot of the impact.

Why? do you feel you feet are too narrow or too wide already? I bet your feet are almost perfect.

Your Body's probably loving your feet for the running anyway.

Feel the burn and stay sweaty!!

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