What should I do with my varsity letter?

I'm a sophomore girl and I earned a varsity letter in winter track. I don't want to get a letterman's jacket because they are exclusive for the varsity football team. I was considering framing it, but I can't find a frame that fits it anywhere online. If you suggest that I frame it, can you please post the link? Thanks for your answers. (Also, I am expecting 5 more varsity letters by the end of my high school career.)


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Hmmm...that stinks that only the football team gets jackets; is that a rule, or is just tradition? (Just wondering...) I got a jacket for my cross country letter, but that's what everyone (boys and girls) do around here.

My cousin just pinned hers up on her bulleting board-that's what I'm planning to do with my track one as well. As for frames, Target and other stores like it (K-Mart, umm...Walmart...I really only go to Target, since that's all we've got here) usually have pretty good selections of frames, and I think I remember seeing one that would fit a normal sized letter. If not, you could always go buy a custom frame, which is way more expensive, but depending on how bad you want it framed, it might be the way to go; maybe you could get it framed for a birthday present or something?

I don't know how big your letter is, but mine seems like it would fit in an 8 by 10 inch frame, so I found a couple on Target.com-the links are below, and they're more economical than going custom, since you're planning to get 5 more letters (how many sports do you play?! That's a lot of letters :) ). Hope this helps some!

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I have 2 varsity letters and I just put them on my bulletin board. I don't think that it's worth framing them. I know some people who throw them away, but I don't think that that's a good idea either.

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I think it's a great idea for you to frame your letter. I have one of my varsity letters framed and I'm working on getting my other letter framed. Some great places to get pricing for framing are Michaels' and A.C. Moore, but if you don't have these in your town, you can check with any craft store that offers to do framing.

Hope this helps.

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Shadow box it!
You can organize all of your letters and memorabilia in the box and have more than just some letters

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Check out a craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and get a shadow box for it. Its a deper frame for thicker objects. You could also hang any medals or ribbons you've won with it, or newspaper clippings of track meet times.

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