How many miles do you run in middle school cross country?

I was wondering. Also, what would be some good times for cross-country in middle school??


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Well i ran cross country last year and i am a 7th grade middle schooler..

well i ran on the J.V. and Varsity Tem.. so i ran 5k but we had a middle school meet as our last one.. soo here are what your times should be around.

JV and Varsity Meets
5k- anywhere near 30 minutes is good even on varsity!

Middle School meets
1 mile usually for everyone! it should be under 10 min, but to tell the truth u mite come last if you get 10 min... there aren't many middle school meets [well where i live] so you mite be going to J.V. meets more often.

So yea.. i hope this helps! GOD BLESS YOU! and good luck in running!

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In high school, we ran about 7 miles a day after classes. Middle School might be less. 8 minute miles slow, 4minute miles olympian.

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my school:
1.5 in 7th grade (about 9 minutes)
2 in 8th grade (about 12 minutes)

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I believe it's either 3k, 1.8 miles or 2.1 miles

12:00 for 2 miles

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I am in XC and for meets we run 1.8 miles [[easy]] and for practice, we run whatever we want.

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it ranges from 1 mile to 7 in my town.

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well im in high school, but the middle school i went to was 3.1 miles and your time should be around 18-25 minutes.
hope that helps :)

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I think it varies by state but where i live Middle schools normally run 3k for the boys and 2.5 or 2k for the girls.

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well where i live which is ohio, we run 2 miles during a meet. my times were in the 13:00s , i think its a decent time. some guys on my team would get lows 12's and sometimes in the 11's.

i think good times for girls is anything under 16 minutes. and for guys anything under 14 minutes. its a really fun sport.

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