What are the top 10 pool cue brands?


Pool exprets?

Are you referring to the top 10 highest selling production cues? After doing a little research, the top 10 selling production cues in alphabetical order are:


This list fluctuates constantly, other cues like Schon, 5820, Action, Player, Viper and Nick Varner sometimes make the list as well as many others. Now, there are cues out there like Balabushka's and Herman Rambow's which are more famous, as well as much more rare and collectible. Of course, I still am an adamant supporter of Schuler cues (www.schulercue.com). Ray Schuler studied cue making under BCA Hall of Fame cue maker, Herman Rambow. He made many improvements on Rambow's already spectacular designs. M.D.-BCA Instructor/Referee.

What color is the color of the 2-ball?

Brunswick and i dunno brunswick is good thou

Why is it that there are times i can run out the table,but sometimes i can't sink even an easy shot?

There are different brands?

What is the best brand and weight of cue to use to put a lot of spin and english on the cue ball?

all depends on preference but ill give you a list of the ten most popular

Predator (my personal favorite)
Balabushka (very hard to find)
Player (good choice for a first cue)
Bunjee (makes jump cues)

Y not opening pool table?

I have a McDermott I like real well

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