Do you have to be tall to be a professional swimmer?


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no you don't have to be tall to be a professional swimmer however having the extra length does help you ask you will reach the other end quicker in most cases

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no, you could be four feet tall and faster than everyone. being tall only helps, you don't HAVE to be tall to be a proffesional swimmer. [=

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No definately not!
I mean look at the other teams at the Olympics who have really fast Japan for one. They have short swimmers but theyre all EXTREMELY FAST. Its crazy.
Im short too but i still get pretty good times :)

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Yes, taller people have a bit of an advantage, because they can reach farther. But if you can get fast arms you can equal, if not be faster than them!

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No, being tall can help, but it does not mean you will be great.

Swimmers can excel at any height.

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no you don't i saw a show called little people big world and it showed a 16 year old like 4 foot 2 swimming and she was like really fast

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Hi Sweetie,
I swam in the Olympic trials in June, 1976.
In the prelims I swam next to Andy Coan who was at that time
the world record holder in the 50 and 100 freestyle.
He was 6'7 I was and am 6 ft. Well, I took 3rd but I was
at his knees at the end.
Size while it matters.. Heart means more.

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being tall can be an advantage to swimming. however, swimming depends on the endurance of the swimmer. if you can pump twice as hard as a tall swimmer, you can outswim him. :)

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NO, but it helps, the longer your stroke, the more power you get, but if your strokes aren't as long, that only means you'll have to make more of them.

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No definitely not. i am a competitive swimmer and have been for many years and i am only 5'1". of course being tall has its advantages, but i broke the school record in the 50 free this year, and just about all the other swimmers were taller than me, so if you work hard your height doesn't have to be an issue.

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