Any tips swimming 50 free?

Question:i currently swim 28.01 for 50yd free rofl...

How can i improve this?

kick harder? pull faster?


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Ok. We really can't help you! People on this site can give you generic information, but it cannot be specifically fitted for you. These people (including me) have never seen you swim. You need to be asking for advice from someone who has... a.k.a. your coach!

At your next practice, talk to your coach. He/she will give you pointers, and they won't be generic; they will be altered to fit your stroke. By the next meet, assuming you follow his/her instructions, you should probably drop time. If not, ask for help again. Eventually you will be able to isolate the variables holding you back, and will be able to accomplish your goals more efficiently.

But, as I said, you need to speak with your coach! It can only do you good. Hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK!

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rotate more. fast start. far underwater travel. they all helped me

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more legs, especially the last 25...faster turn...don't breathe

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You may want to swim naked and shaven. That's how I won the gold medal and broke swim records at the Nude Olympics.

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The most important thing in dropping time in the 50 free with a time of 28.01, is probably improving on yoru start and turn. Too many times swimmers are worried about kicking hard or pulling faster. the problem is when you pull faster you'll tend to slip through the water. Kicking harder is never bad as long as you are keeping your knees pretty straight., just a little snap.

Your start and especially your turn can cut off precious seconds.

You do a turn on every lap of the pool, make sure each one counts. a practice them like it was a race, don't breathe into or out of. I know this is tough in tough sets, but do the best you can, you'll find yoruself gaining mor in endurance as well.

Upon coming out of your turn, don't pop up right away, stretch out the streamline. Remember tenths of seconds count in the 50, and speed advantage you can get is worth the effort.

On the start, work on reaction time and power. Lift weghts with your legs and work hard!

Please feel free to message me on 360 anytime.

Dave Wenger

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I know that alot of swim coaches teach you when you first starting out that you should always take your last breathe right at the T then flip, well thats true in most events especially longer ones but in the 50, your goal is to breathe as little as possible, like no breathes going down and on the way back you expect to take at least one more then you did going down, and thats just because your tired, because your sprinting. What you do is work on your starts work on jumping out and not straight down and make sure your hands go in first and then your elbows head shoulders and etc. As for your turn they have the flags above the pool for the backstrokers well know where they are in the pool and keep your head down not looking up, use your eyes to look up and dont lift your head, and once you get to the flags take your last breathe and then swim to the T and after there take your one last stroke and pull that arm to your side and flip hard, pretend the wall is on fire and you want to get off as quick as possible, and you dont want to bend your knees alot, no more then a 90 angle I would say less then a 90 degree angle, and then streamline and then once you get to the flags take your breathe after your turn, dont breathe in the flag zone, as that can cost you time and precious seconds in a 50.

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if you have ever swam the under/over drills that is the way to bring down a 50. the only other way is to do a great start, rotate your sholders, do less than 15 strokes in one 25, do an excellent fast flip turn, and do the last 25 like you would in an nunder/over drill (don't breathe more than once, prefferably not at all). i hope this helps. i swim an 28. 28 easily but normally i swim 100's so thy these tips.

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In the Olympics in the 50 the swimmers only take a breath at the beginning and do not breath again until the end of the race.

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well kick hard and dont breath at all. and sprint from the flags in. dotn lik slow down slightly there cuz someone could pull ahead of you if its a close race. also work on your turn so there wicked fast

hope this helps

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don't breath as much, kick as fast as you can for the last 25 and you'll be good

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reach with your arms as far as you can

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don't go by all of these other peoples advice not to breath at all. proper breathing is extremely important to maintain max speed. on the first lap try to breath ever 7-9 strokes, the second lap try breathing ever 3-5 strokes. this will maximize speed as well as minimize drag. also focus on keeping your strokes slower, don't think that getting more strokes in will equal swimming faster. keep a steady pace with your arms and focus on getting a large S pull in each stroke. with your legs just kick like crazy all the time. you will find a rhythm that works for you when kicking.

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yeah kick as fast as you cna on the last lap and thats really the only tip the reast is up to you

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50 free is a balls out high speed race
1. Work very hard on your stops and your turn-the turn being most important.
2 give it everything you've got both arms and legs.

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