What are some unusual and fun swimming drills?

Question:Does anyone know of some fun and interesting swimming drills that will help improve your strokes.

Thanks xx


Is there a scientifical way to swim??

back taps (exaggerate the end of the stroke and touch the water on the other side of your body

finger drags, teaches you to not overextend your arm on the recovery (not really fun though)

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yeah finger tip drill is when you drag your finger all the way up to your arm pit for free style

um dolphin kick for butterfly

hands back kick for beast stroke

and side kick for backstroke

hope this helps

Why isn't swimming a popular sport that's shown on ESPN in bars?

Opposite ankle grab breaststroke
Single arm freestyle breathing to the opposite side
Backwards freestyle
Dolphin kick breaststroke
Closed fists freestyle
Coke can backstroke (balance a coke can on your forehead and swim)
dolphin kick freestyle
corkscrew freestyle
2-2 fly breast
vertical butterfly
underwater breaststroke on your back

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Our swimming teacher makes us hold our left foot with our right hand nad then the other way around while we're swimming breaststroke, I don't really think it helps us improve swimming much- he just finds it funny when we struggle up and down.

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