Why do swimmers wear grease?


My son quit the swim team because he no longer will wear speedos. should i make him go back to swimming?

Pool swimmers dont really wear grease these days.. in competition anyways..

a swimmer may choose to put vaseline on his armpit to avoid chafing.. but never for speed

The only time I have used vaseline for a purpose in competition was for insulation on an openwater race I swam in a very cold river. Only reason i can think of

How do I keep swim goggles from fogging?

Makes them slicker through the water.

How many lengths of a swimming pool is equal to 1 mile? Thanks to anyone that answers x x x?

so they don't get stuck in the water

Celebrated swimmer in 2003 that a fish species famous?

As a snack for later.

Whats the difference?

So they glide through the water

Is it safe to go swimming when it is raining?

less friction with the water also shaving the hair remember every lil second count and the less friction the less time it take to finish lap and less efford

Help!! need a chlorine resistant fake tan! i look like Casper!?

Grease huh, that's icky!

How to swim faster?

Most don't well at least i don't and if they do wear grease during a meet thier cheating because it will provide less water resistance

Need to know how much of mrs. stewart's bluing to add to the 24' X 4' high, round swimming pool?

its the same effects as oil drops in water slippin and sliddin

Lifeguarding test?

1st off swimmers wear vasaline/patroleam jelly.If a swimmer is wearing a polyester suit the suit often cuts in to the skin and this can hurt a ton!!So they put vasaline on to prevente the frictune/rubbing.It also createsd less frictune through the water.

Salt system vs. chlorine pool...I need help?

When I swam, we never used grease or vaseline, it was baby oil. It cuts down on the drag of the water so that you are faster. Just don't get it on you hands, your stroke won't be nearly as effective. And don't forget to shave!

I recently took a break from my swim team and need to stay in shape for a month (when I go back). Any Ideas?

Ummmm we dont wear grease

What is the best kind of googles?

When I was swimming, some people would use baby oil. But you don't want to put it on the inside part of your arms and your hands. You'll slip through the water & lose your "grip" on it.

Does the water In swimming pools ever get changed or do they just keep cleaning the old water?


Where do you thing they put it?

On the swimsuit?

Where can I be sandblasted with human athleticism online.?

Helps them glide through the water easier making them swim faster

Jacques cousteau diving/ filming team used underwater diving helmets w/built-in lights, need to know make/mod.

lessons friction.

What percentage of Americans know how to swim?

Usually the open water swimmers use a "grease" agent to help keep body warmth in. Some of the English Channel swimmers have. Competitive swimmers may "oil" up with baby lotion and menthol to help create a bit of a slick so the water flows over the pores and skin easier. Kind of like lessening the resistance.

Is ability to swim needed to become lifeguard?

So they can swim faster

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