Why are competition swimming suits so tight?


How do I get over my fear of bell-turns when I swim?

If you are talking about regular speedo's.. the idea is that if you dont have fabric hanging out, you'll reduce your drag.. counter example.. a drag suit.. loose suit, more drag

If you are talkin about a Fast skin ( the tights, or full body ) they are designed to compress your muscles to optimize their performance.. dont ask me why it works.. but I know that when your muscles are compressed they lose less energy to vibration and last longer. but still they also make them tight so youre not dragging fabric around

In competition, when diving into the swimming pool?

I don't know, but I'll tell you when I finally get them off.

Swimming question?

reduce drag and thus make swimmer more efficient in the water

Is Summer Sanders the most beautiful swimmer ever?

To reduce drag. Olympic athletes sometimes shave their heads, legs, arms, anything to reduce drag.

Do you think fit athletic female swimmers are beautiful?

Because it creates less drag in the water, and drag creates water resistance which slows you down. So the tighter the suit the faster you go

Can a person sweat underwater?

Super skin-tight suits reduce the amount of resistance (drag) moving through the water. Less drag means faster swimming.

Can someone help me with my butterfly?

water dynamics...smoother is faster

What muscles does swimming work, and why does it help running?

To lessen the drag, caused by the friction of the water, they allow you to move a little easier through the water.

Is this fast for front crawl?

aero-dynamics, if they are baggy, then they will slow you down, so they are tight so that you arent dragged or slowed down.

Does anyone know where to get cheap scuba supplies?

so u cann go faster...i wear a 28 and they stretch out fast sooo

Why do you need to learn how to swim?

to eliminate drag...also, they make you more "hydrodynamic" (just another way of saying the same thing.

Is there a safe household product that can put in my snorkle mask to keep the glass from foggin up?

so they won't drag or have resistance when youre swimming. in other words it makes you faster.

Where can i learn to swim in Alor Star..?

so they don't fall off when you dive in, plus they're supposed to be more aerodynamic that way

I need help on diving?

so it won't drag.that's why some swimmers shave their hair off or cut it really short...dragging can make a big difference

Cage diving with sharks?

Reduces the drag and resistance and helps the swimmer go faster.

They are usually one size too small.

Are Ez-set or Quick-set inflatable ring pools worthwhile?

It is to avoid drag. Water getting in between your suit and your body slows you down. The tight suit helps you move in the water faster.

If you wear boarding sports for swimming do you wear a jockstrap?

to make you more hydrodynamic and to get rid of drag

What are the times in his 7 medals mark Spitz won in the olimpics ?

lets them go faster

Im 21yrs of age. I hardly go swim so there are any advantages of swimming?

to make swimers sexier, more people watch

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