Are there any guys who swim with a T-shirt?

Hi everybody, I'm a guy who loves to swim. I always wear shorts and a T-shirt to the beach or the pool. Don't ask me why; I simply don't know why it makes me feel more comfortable. Yes, I do get sunburned fast, but I also wear a shirt to the indoor pool. I'm pretty happy about the way I look, so it's not like I'm trying to cover up something. Are there more people who prefer to swim this way?


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well if your comfortable with it then why ask others?

but just to let you know...if you are swimming for leisure then it doesn't really matter. if you swim athletically then it makes a big difference. being in water, t-shirts and shorts can create a lot of drag so it makes it more difficult to swim. this is a great way to exercise muscles becase it takes more work to swim with all that on. this is why most pro swimmers tend to wear speedos in competition. the idea is the less you wear and the tigher it is the less drag you have which means you can swim faster.

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only fat kids wear tshirts in the pool, sorry man

Any advice for someone learning to swim for the first time in deeper water?

of course there are . they want to keep their skins out of sun burning

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Sorry but I have never seen a t-shirt that could swim.

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Oh yes, especially in HK. Those teen girls wear T-shirts to swim - IT WAS SAID that they did this so that people would not look at their boobs.

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I personally dont see people wearing a T-Shirt and swimming and i wont like swimming with something that pulls you down into the water.

Fast enough?

There might be. There is a specail shirt that you can wear in the water so you don't get sunburn or something like that. But if someone doesn't want to buy it, you could just put a t-shirt on I suppose. My Dad put a t-shirt on and jumped into an pool before. No big. You don't have to though.

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y would u ask us about sumthing u feel good about.i mean if u like to do it then thats just fine because thats ur body and u can do wat u want with dude u can wear want u want swimming.i do every now and then but not all the time.i guess i dont mind chicks staring at my

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i used to because i thought i was fat but now i could care less if people think im fat so i dont any more

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well its unsusual for people to feel comfortable and still wear a
t-shirt to the pool unless they don't get in. everybody i know that does that has either very light skin so it gets really sunburned, thier a little overwieght or their just not comfortable with taking off thier t-shirt

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ya like me

Why area people so rude nowadays?

well i have and i was comfertable about it its usualy good a parks your not hot u have a cool wet shirt but thats nothing in swimming we have to wear drag b4 state and all of us even the guys have to wear panty hose so just think of that the next time!

I've been swimming 3 times a week, my mid back is hurting now?

If you go to your local SCUBA shop you will see that they may have some speciall designed swimwear shirts that are really comfortable and block UV rays from the sun. I wear them while diving in warm waters and it makes it more comfortable when wearing my BCD. You can also use the same shirt for other activities like hiking,mountain biking etc etc. Below is a link to a scuba retail shop that may have just what you are looking for?! :)

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Hey don't feel bad about it your not the only one (not saying i do it) but look i love to swim and i'm in a swimming team call the Birnamwood blue marlins and when i'm compiting with fat people(not being mean) i don't see the wearing shorts or tees. But if you feel corftable like that then thas your broblem nobody has to tell you what you should or shouldn't wear to the pool or beach!!

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how do you get sunburned with a shirt on.and if your not fat, why are you wearing a t-shirt

i also know a ton of lifeguards...and when they see someone with clothes on swimming...they are taught to watch them closer because it makes you look like you know nothing about the water

I was wondering what a begining diver could do to become better, tips, howtos, HELP!!?

You sound like a Never-Nude (that is exactly what it sounds like)

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I need to buy a black one-piece for the swim team. Suggestions?

If you are having a good time swimming and are more comfortable wearing a shirt, then it is ok. Enjoy the water. Just be careful and follow the pool rules.

How do you get the chlorine smell off of your body after swimming in a pool?

sorry but fat kids do. I dont know why.. but they do

Why do my swimming goggles keep fogging up?

Not adivised, but I used to do it to keep people from asking questions about scars. I don't THINK it really matters either way.

Swimming or slimming??

Why not? My husband does too. If you'd like some cool beach / island style T-shirts to swim in, check out and click on "apparel." It will re-direct you to Breezy Beach Wear's Apparel gallery at zazzle and you can check out the logos from there.

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I don't care wat u swim in but if ur comfortable in it suit urself.Theres nothing wrong swimming in a t-shirt. I think dats sexy lol.

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