How to fix fogged up goggles?

I swim every morning for my highschool. and every morning i start out with my goggles totally clear. once i start swimming tho, they fog up and i can't see very well out of them. is there any way i could put something on my goggles to make them de-fog, or am i going to just have to live with it?


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spitting in them works best, spit rub it around good and then a quick rinse and they're good to go for hours. If they are new try to lightly scratch up the inside of the mask a bit with a light scrubbie pad, it makes it harder to fog the unevenness of the scratches and the scratches are not visible underwater. Defog is garbage and expensive and never works for too long. Spit is free and great! Toothpaste basicly is ok, it provides the grit to scratch the inside of the mask and creates a film on the lens, plus its minty :)

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spit in them and rub it around.

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Spit in them then rub it in.

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spit in them

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I usually defog mine with a bit of toothpaste right before I go diving and it seems to help

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take off, dip in water, take out, dry off... repeat as needed, no way i know of for keeping fog from coming back, try diferent goggles, some fog less, maybe try slightly tinted goggles...?

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I used to do alot of diving. i know this sounds sort of sick, but spit works. spit on them (inside) and rub it in and they wont fog up. This really works.

You also could try Rain-X made for car windows.

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This is going to sound real dumb. I asked my nephew how to de-fog mirrors one time. Shave cream works. You just clean with shaving foam( and it has a pretty nasty oil film to it) and wipe it off several times. It works good to an extent.

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you can buy de fogger if you really need to or rub them in, and spitting in them really does work

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Spitting works for a little while but if you want a permanent solution you need to buy goggle anti-fog solution (yes they really make this stuff) or you need to buy new goggles (they come with it already on them). Once you get your new goggles DON"T TOUCH THE INSIDE OF THE GOGGLES. When you do it rubs the solution off and your goggles will get foggy again. Goggles only last so long and you really should replace them every couple of months depending on how much you swim. They can get baceria in them and you don't want that touching your eyes!

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spit in them or go to a dive shop adn buy some defog stuff

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buy unfog

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they sell all kinds of defog. The one I use is from a dive shop and seems to work well if you rub it in. Wait a few minutes, wash it off and let it dry. If you don't get it wet again it will last several hours. But as a quick fix, I just lick it. Not very sanitary but it's cheap and it works.

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lick the insides

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There's a couple ways. Well, the most popular one is spit in them, and yes that does work but not for long. You can also just dip it in water, hold it there for a few seconds until the goggles warm up, then put them on and start swimming. Baby oil also works. I don't know how that works, but yeah. Or if you just let them warm up beside the pool for a while until they're just as warm as the pool themselves. Hope I helped! And good luck with the swimming! Keep it up!

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i either spit in them or lick the insides, i have found it works better than de-foggers that you buy.

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