Do people HAVE to take a bath after swimming? What happens if you don't?

I know you do before swimming but what about after?


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It'll depend on where you were swimming
Pool - can have irritated or dry skin
will smell like chlorine
Lake - can have slimy or dry skin
will smell like algae
Ocean - can have irritated or dry skin
will smell generally bad

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the chlorine can irritate your skin

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you stink

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dude... u will smell like crap.

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it helps before and it helps you after , so why not do it

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lets see... you get these little red itchy dots when your skin dries, your skind gets itchy even without the little bumps, you often smell bad, and you feel like you want to crawl out of your skin cuz its so itchy.

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I always advice taking a bath after swimming. It is actually more important than taking one before swimming. When at a pool you want to take one because Chlorine can irritate the skin, lakes can make you smell, and the ocean will leave you feeling salty and gross. I have swam all my life thru college and nobody ever took baths/showers before they swam or swim pratice so I wouldn't focus on that aspect too much.

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