Are there really some people who can't float? Why? Is this common?

My father, for example, is a "sinker," meaning that he cannot just float quietly in water (even if he inflates his lungs); he will sink all the way under. I also met a guy who said he was the same. This guy definitely is not afraid to swim, because he is a lifeguard, and he said yeah, he can't just float like most people; he has to move around in the water to keep himself at the surface. I am wondering why there are a few people (are they all men?) who cannot float, and I'm also wondering how common this is. Thanks!


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Whether a person is a floater or sinker has to do with the person's center of mass and their body density. The closer the center of mass in your body to your lungs, the better. Most of the time a sinker will start sinking from their feet or hips first, and basically tip to vertical in the water, and that is how they sink. This does make swimming and floating harder on them, but as long as they lean their body forward and try to focus their weight on their chest and lungs, they can stay horizontal on the surface of the water. Body density has to do with the ratio of lung capacity to the density of muscle and bone mass in the person's body. It has very little to do with carrying body fat, and more to do with the makeup of their bones and muscles. For more information about these body types and how they affect swimming, read here

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fat people float better

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It depends on whether or not I have my concrete boots on.

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I have the same problem but sometimes it's fun!
Have you ever tried to relax on the bottom of a swimming pool? :) sooo nice! I think it's a matter of having few fat on your body and heavy bones.

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I can't float! I have to genlty kick my legs and wave my arms. I first tried to float when I was a kid and was devastated that I couldn't do it and my friends could. I can float face down, though. I think it's because I'm bottom heavy.

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Maybe some people have the exact density it takes for them to sink and not float correctly.

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My brother couldn't float! I gave him all sorts of grief until we found out why :(

People with more body fat can float better and men generally have a lower percentage of body fat

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It depends on your body type. Some Men and Women sink due to thier body build.

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I'm a sinker too! I have minimal body fat (8%) and will sink if I'm not moving or kicking. Men tend to be leaner than women so a higher percentage of men will sink compared to women. It pretty much boils down to body fat, the higher the body fat the more buoyant you'll be and with less body fat you'll sink.

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Girls are more likely to be able TO float then boys because of their body fat density is higher and fat floats. While boys who statistically have less body fat sink easier. I'm not sure if people can "not float" maybe they were never taught properly. and being a swim lesson instructur/lifeguard I can tell you that it is not extremely common but I guess it does happen.

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because of fat, the air they hold on themself, and density

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