Take a shower after swimming?

do we have to take a shower after swimming? or can we just wait until tomorrow morning to take shower..?? are there so many bacteria in the swimming pool..??


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SURE! U must take a good shower after swimming. If don't do so, your hair will be very damaged as the chlorine in the pool is bad for your hair. I always put twice shampoo on my hair, to ensure my hair is thoroughly cleaned from chlorine.
U can imagine how many people have swimmed in the ppol before.. There were kids pee in the pool.. People spit in the pool.. People after sweating jump into the pool.. No need to give more example le right?

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lots of chlorine in the pool.hair feels weird.ewwww

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You take a shower after swimming to keep the chlorine from doing any extra damage to your skin!

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u have to take shower cause the swimming pool got chlorine in it make skin dry n make u uncomfortable.

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he** yes you have to shower after swimming.

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Heck, I usually didn't if I was going to shower the next day but that was our own personal pool. You might want to unless you don't mine smelling like chlorine lol

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Well, think of it this way: People are in the water, so that means urine, skin flakes, bacteria, bodily fluids....and if it's a pool, chlorine. If it's in the ocean, more bacteria, all the people stuff, and urine and feces from aquatic life.

Yes, you should always shower after swimming.

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Pool water is treated with chemical to kill germs but chemical used may be harmful for body and hair, therefore it is recommended to take a shower before and after.

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after u swim u should take a shower to wash the chlorine off you and out of your hair. it won't really hurt u if u don't. but u still should.

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You don't have to, but you should. The chlorine in the pool will really dry out your skin and hair, not to mention turning your hair greenish if you're a blond. There are tons of bacteria in the pool, but if you can smell the chlorine in the pool, usually the bacteria's not alive anymore.

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definitely take a shower. Your body will feel so...yuck by tomorrow.

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It's ALWAYS a wise idea to shower good after taking a swim in a pool--regardless of how clean the water appears.

The pool water can look crystal pure clean--and STILL have harmful bacteria doing the backstroke right along with you--and they're much better swimmers, too.

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Chlorine / bromine are sanitizers.So your safe to go to bed cause most germs are killed but chlorine also dries out your skin and hair so I shower just to replenish moisture.

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um if you avhe a clorine pool and yoru haire died you need to tkae one right after otherwise it coudl start to turn green, and also you want to get the clorine out, and if you have a salt water pool, you watn to to get teh salt off sicn eit feels werid and is jstu nasty, and ther is not anymroe bacteria in the swimign pool than in your drinking water. in most cases

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yes, it is a must, not including the urine from the 5 year olds there is a lot of chlorine

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it is because of chlorine, it does dammage to your skin, especially your lips and it can damage you hair, it turns it like green especially blonde hair!!!

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yes we should take shower after swimming to wash the scent of chlorine our body. it might lso be a cause of skin disease since the water in the pool is stagnant like communicable diseases(scabies and other yuky stuffs)

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no, it dosnt realy mater unless your will hunter he sucks!!!

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yea i think u should because a used to work at a pool and even though there are chemicals to kill the bacteria, they dont always do so. Despite all the efforts to keep the pool clean, everyday when we checked there would still be a whole bunch of crap in the water.

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u should take a shower after. because in some cases chlorine can damage the hair and skin. and if you dont want to keep smelling like chlorine, take a shower.

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just shower you chicken.

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Should should definetly take a shower.. not only because leaving the chlorine will make you itch.. but because you sweat, and the water is never clean water..

Sometimes you get lazy and not shower, but you really should..and besides.. you dont want to be the chlorine smelling kid in the class ( like I was for many years )

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YES! The chlorine will kill your skin! you will have really dry itchy skin if you dont. trust me its not fun.

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you should take a shower after you finish swimming if you dont want to mess with your hair at least wash off so to get the clorine off of you body its not good for it

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