Do wetsuits really make one swim faster or do they exist because of Americans simply not liking speedos?

American media and fashion have been after the speedo for years. Did speedo manufactures get their sales so bad they had to come up with a wetsuit?


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Well I think that you are using the wrong word, the word you are looking for isnt a "wet suit" but a full-body technical suit (the kind that michael phelps and other professional swimmers wear)
A wetsuit is mainly worn by scuba divers and snorkelors in very cold waters and is designed to keep you warm and stay more buoyant. A wetsuit is made up of a thick layer of neoprene, a synthetic rubber material that imatates and acts as "blubber."
I think the suit you are aiming at, the full-body technical suit that speedo creates (Fastskin 2), does not keep you warm any more than your skin because it is made of an extremely thin layer of Nylon, Lycra, Titanium Silicone, and Spandex, with a very small percentage of other materials and special stitching, tries to imitate a sharks' skin and is more aerodynamic and eliminates more water drag (4%) than the next leading technical suit. But dont think that most people will buy this suit because it makes them go faster, one bodysuit can rack up a check to $400
Swimmers do wear this suit to to go faster in water (theoretically) and it was not designed to back up the marketing and income from speedos. The name: Speedo, is extremely decieving because Speedo produces a vast market of athletic equiptment and speedos are only a small percentageof the inventory. But let me tell you that in the swimming world, speedos are in very high demand and while most non-competitive swimmers dont wear speedos, many other competitive swimmers do.
I hope I have helped you and resolved your confusion between the full-body technical suit and the thick wetsuit.

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Wetsuits are worn to keep you warm..
You have apparently never been in cold water..

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It's not designed to make you swim's designed to keep you warm. They also make you more buoyant as a result of the tiny air bubbles trapped in the neoprene.

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Wet suits do two things.

They can keep you warm in colder water.

The increase you ability to go fast, by at least two methods. The material of the suit is less adhesive to water than human skin, and the suit covers body hair, which is very adhesive to water and will slow you down. That is why you used to hear about swimmers shaving their body hair to decrease their lap times.

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I think you mean the full body swimsuit a wetsuit is alittle different and is meant for scuba diving or snorkling the full body swimsuit is meant for swimming an diving like in the olympics for speed so people can cut through the water easier and not have to shave their entire body to reduce air bubbles on their skin and hair.

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I swim competitively...both swim races and triathlons...and I think you might be talking about the full body swim suits..but, in case you are not, here is the info:

Full body swim suit: Actually increases speed by decreasing surface AREA and surface friction. You will see them more and more in the olympics and in national level swim meets. All things being equal, they will make you faster. They are expensive and tight.

Wet suit: a neoprene suit to protect you from cold water. I wear one in most triathlons. Why do you swim faster with these? Because the floatation effect lifts your legs higher and keeps your hips high...your body position is forced into being almost "perfect". The criticism is that a wet suit makes a bad or half way decent swimmer ALOT better...while only helping an excellent swimmer (who already has almost perfect technique) only slightly better. They do keep you warmer, although if you wear one in water above 78 degrees, the USAT deems you ineligible for prizes or awards in that race.

And, in answer to your second question...yes, American do not like wearing speedos. Look at the majority of Americans' bodies!! No wonder!

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they keep you warm and could make you drop some time because of less resistance, but most are VERY expensive so buy one for an important race if your thinking about it. good luck!

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Wet suits are worn to keep you warm while in cold water. The speedo suits that people wear in the Olympics, yes, they do cause you to swim up to 10% faster. But of course, it has a lot to do with the person wearing the suit as well. You can't put one on and expect you be awesome. Speedos actually create more drag then body suits, pants, or jammers (the tight shorts..) Which is another reason not many people wear speedos anymore.

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yes they do make u swim faster. i was on the swim team at my school.

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