Will women wear thong binkis for diving or swimming meets?


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The only girls I've seen wear bikinis to swimming practice are REALLY bad swimmers.

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Who knows...but a nice idea!

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I think they should. :-D
Only from a competition point of view or course, Thongs are more streamed lined and would have less drag in the water and for diving, improving performance. :-P

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you are the biggest perverted freak in the entire world. of course they wont wear thong bikinis for diving or swimming meets. there is no point.

Is a swimsuit make of 80% nylon and 20% spandex durable for swimming in pool water?

Less material for the suits = less drag & resistance = better performance. What a great idea! :)

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The answer is no. The seams of a bikini and the hair on your body create drag. The point is to eliminate as much drag as possible. Wearing a one-piece suit, though it has more material is acutally more hydrodynamical (creates less drag) than a tiny thong bikini.

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lol welllllllllllllll lets see when youre a diver, you better not have any modesty cause there are times that you might have to bear it all...lol...anyhow, i know when we dive, in dive suits we get right down to skivies, you dont want excess material bunching up under your dive suit, at 80'ft a swimtrunk bunched up can casue some uncomfortable pain...so in answear to your question, ive seen girls wear thongs under thier dive suits...hope this helps

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as a swimmer, let me tell you---no!! not from a modesty standpoint, but it would be so much slower. less material deff. doesn't mean less drag, there's a reason the olympians wear fsii bodyskins

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lol u must be pretty desperate lol but maybe only the sluty ones and the big fat ladies who think they look hot like the ones down here in miami

I Really Enjoy Watching Diving...?

Umm no because
1...they would fall off
2...do you want your coach to see your *** when you are swimming...
3...if the guys cant wear them why should we...

Swimming is a seriuos sport and requires airodynamics and NO drag ..bikinis create drag

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no u have to wear a regular one peice suit

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No real swimmer is going to wear a bikini for several reasons.

1. drag, all the little peach fuzz, excess curves where the suit is hugging, etc, all create the drag swimmers so desperately seek to eliminate.

2. The chances of a thong falling off or moving during starts and turns is too risky. This can be tracked by the countless number of boys who have bared there a** to the world when they have been unfortunate enough to have their suit fall off. Women are smarter and learn from others misfortunes.

3. While it would make for a great porn flick, a woman in a thong is likely to show off far to much when she bends over for a start in the real world.

Get your mind out of the gutter and give the women of the sport a little bit of decent respect.

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Hell no.
And if they do they're definitely not taking swimming seriously! swimmers wear tight swim suits, even some guys wear tight fullbody swim outfits, including caps! This causes less friction in the water. So if you're looking for hot half naked ladies, diving and swim meets are definitely not the place for you!

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No. It will fall off when they are diving into the water too easily.

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1. there's more drag
2. it's disgusting
3. i'm sure it's against the rules.

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do you notice only guys say yes no way that will not happen because some girls and women dont like there butts sticking out to everyone to see them and im pretty sure some people would rather not see anyones butt

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NO. never ever. even if they wanted to, they're not allowed to. they're normally not allowed to wear any kind of 2 piece for meets.

Should i go to swim practice today or skip it?

No. Most certainly not, thong binkis will slow you down, and .2 seconds can make all the difference.

Why do I always feel hungry after I swim?

Probably not. Good Idea.

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no! why would they? enough dont already!
my gosh you nasty sick-o

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some people overreact to thongs, here i have seen many women wear thong swimsuits at pools while practicing, never seen one wear them during competitions.
some years ago there was a squash player who wanted to wear a thong during matches, she wasnt allowed to.

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