Why do we not see people swimming outside when its raining ?


Scuba anyone..?

Because when it's raining the air temperature usually drops, this means that people don't feel like stripping down to their swimming costume. Also when you get out of the water you will be cold because of the low air temperature. It's not so much the swimming that's the problem it's the getting in and out of the water.

How do you all prefer to swim, nude or clothed?

It is too cold.

Price of people to People sports ambassador to Holland?

Either lightning or too cold..

I work out 3 days a week and swim 3 days a week, why are my arms so tired while im swimming laps?

Maybe the puddles aren`t deep enough.

How to increase abilty to hold your breath?

Cos they stay in the bedroom to do there water sports!!

Where to get swimsuits?

cause they dont want to get wet

Do you know the name of the husband and wife world record divers, wife who died?

It hurts your toe when it gets stubbed on the pavement.

How deep can a human body endure in the sea?

usually because its too cold, but that doesn't always stop me because if its raining it means the pool is less busy!

Eliminate chlorine from skin?

too many bloody ducks about, getting in the way

20 lengths?

i dont knw

Can swimming make u taller, when starting at the age of 19?

They're afraid you'll see their nipples!

What healthy meal can I eat after swimming?

Some think it is due to lightning, however since most pool are sunk the ground tends to be higher than most people in the pool are it is usually safer to be in the pool than out... The main reason is the reduction in temperature.

I have to say that as a kid on holiday with outside pool, it would take more than a rain shower to stop me swimming!

If u were underwater and hit by a submarine, would u die? or would u b able 2 hang on (with suction cups)?

because they'd get wet silly!

Who thinks competitve swimming is the bam?

Obviously, they do not want to get wet because of the rain.

Hi, I have really long thick locs & need to find a big swim cap that won't cause headaches. Any help?

Forrest Gump says...it's the upward rain...

the rain enters your nose...ahehehe...

on the contrary...we love to swim while it rains here in the Philippines...never so cold...:)

Is holding your breath dangerous? Just with O2 CO2 tables, not underwater?

because the rain hitting off your head is really uncomfortable!

Swimming Breathing Techniques?

It's too cold and if there is a risk of thunder and lightening it is too dangerous!

How can u increase ur speed in swimming it doesnt matter what u have to do i just want to increase my speed...

good question! I love swimming in the rain!

Orlando Scuba Diving?

i love swiming in the rain

Do lifegaurds have to wear a swimming costume underneath their uniform?

It makes the surface you walk on pretty slippy. But other than that, it might just be cold, if not then they're idiots.

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I asked a lifeguard like 2 months ago why you can't swim when it's raining and he said it's because you can't see the bottom of a pool if some one is like drowning.

Why is the ocean much saltier some days than others at the same beach?

when its raining, the vision in and out of the water becomes poor. you might not see the bottom of the pool, not see your fellow swimmers and hence can cause accidents, and the lifeguard would not be able to see if someone is drowning. Otherwise, its really romantic to swim in the rain with a lover, girlfriend. try it!

Swimming is my life and my best friend is scared of the water what should i do to help her not to be afraid?

LIGHTNING STRIKE strong possibility.

Does anybody know a place to go swimming in brooklyn..that isn't too expensive? or better yet free?

Maybe my opinion is different because I swim competitively? BUt I am most certainly out in the pool when it's raining, cold or no. The rain actually makes the pool feel warmer than it is, which is nice... The only time we aren't swimming is actually DURING a lightning storm...

What would it feel like...?

I swim when it rains! its fun!

Did country boys ever really enjoy going skinny dipping together say about 1840 or so?

Life guard don't want to get wet or lightning threat

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