Does chlorine affect bleached-blonde hair?

I want to bleach my hair blonde, but I swim 7 days a week, and I don't want my hair to become brittle and break off. Does anyone know if the chlorine from the pool combined with the bleach in my hair will cause it to break off?


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Chlorine affects everything but there are some good antichlorine shampoos out there. If you bleach make sure you use one every time after you swim. You can also run an anti-chlorine conditioner through your hair and put a cap on before you swim and that will help. Bleaching runs the risk of brittle hair without the added element of chlorine. Chlorine plus bleaching can also result in a green tint or a plastic barbie doll look over time. Let a professional do the bleaching for you and make sure they know how much you swim. Also take very good care of your hair and don't do lots of other damaging things to it-blow drying, curling irons, perms, etc.

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Chlorine can have an adverse affect on hair, any hair that is.
If you have lightly colored hair, you should get some clarifying treatments to make sure that it doesn't turn green, and do some deep conditioning treatments as well once a month.

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I don't know if it will cause it to break off but it will probably turn it green and it will definitely damage it. It damages all hair.

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you have to be careful b/c the chlorine can turn your hair green! especially blonde hair!

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yeah it probably will and it may turn your hair green because the chlorine is so strong what you can do is soak up your hair in pure water like bottled water thas free from chlorine soaked all up and then you can go in the water and this works because the hair after its been soaked it wont have space to soak any of the chlorine water this is a good trick try it

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Yes chlorine has several chemicals that breaks off an kind of hair.Dying your hair bleach blond would make your situation even worse. the Bleach in the hair dye has a lot of chemicals to, and if they were to be combined your hair would be absolutely damaged. So take my advice and not dye your hair unless you want to quit swimming!

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