How far is a 750 meter swim?


Where can i train to be a swimming instructor ?

About 1/2 mile. Too far when I was on swimteam! 15 laps on an Olympic sized pool.

How to dive into the water wiithout doing a bellyflop?

I guessing 750 meters

How to get water out of ears?

You're kidding, right?
750 meters.

Is it embarrassing if you are 15 and you swim really badly?

750 meters

Are there any good places to snorkel or scuba near Anchorage Alaska during the summer? Fresh or salt. Thanks!?

about 15-20 minutes for an average person, 7 minutes for an Olympic. If you are competing in a triathlon, you might want to save a bit for later ...

What is the skydiver's velocity after 1-2-3 seconds?

3/4 of a kilometer.. really about 820 yards ..0.46 miles

"Kick Turn" in swimming?

46.16 % of 1 mile or 2437.5 ft

What's the best way to shave my armpits for increased hydrodynamics?

Half of a metric mile.

What can i do?!!?

825 yards

What's your best time in the 200 yard free and 500 yard free?

750m = 820 yards,
2,460.63 feet
.75 km
0.40497 nautical miles
0.46603 miles
3.72823 furlongs
0.13499 nautical leagues

hope this is what you were looking for

Aquatic resistance runner instructions?

30 laps of a meter pool.

Pls can anyone tell me where i can find an indoor swimming pool this time of d year in central london.?

Um, 750 meters? Equal to about 3/4 of mile.

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