Am i too OLD to learn swimming.?

im 22, M...n just out of that i find free time...n i love swimming...can i go out n seek help for swimming...?
or do u think im too old to start it now...?


I hv learnt swimming 4 two mnths bt i didnt bcom slim, how much time it'll take me in swimming 2 bcom slim

You're never too old to learn to swim, as a swim instructor myself, I actually taught a class of adults during my last session. I had a guy who was 35 or so, and a couple of people in their 40's. Go try it and have fun!

Y do ppl ask questions? can monkeys swim? seriously or do they sink and drown?

I learned to swim when i was 20, you're never too old to learn how to swim.

Going on cruise in the Caribbean with a non diver. Only diving twice and want to dive the best islands?

no you are not too old to start now
you can learn how to swim at any age

How many laps in a 25 meter pool would it take to do four or 2 miles and lose over 1000 calories?

No you never to old to learn anything .
Good luck.!

Has anyone swam with dolphins? If so is it as good as they say it is?

you might be, if you miss a leg.

If you are a swimmer answer this??

You are never too old to learn new things, it might take a bit longer, but there are people much older than you who are learning how to swim! Go for it!

What if you are not the lifeguard but u went to rescue the victim. the victim dies, what happens?

noone are ever too old to learn new stuff =D

Why does things float in salt water?

my 65 year old grandma just learned how to swim!! You are never to old to learn something new!!
If your not comfortable find a friend that is a great swimmer and have them teach you.

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You're never too old to learn how to swim. You could go to a YWCA to see if they give free lessons, or some other organization; or have a friend teach you. It's a good thing to learn how to swim. You could end up in a situation where swimming could save your life.

What is the easiest way to teach a child (9 years) swimming.?

Hey! no one is too old to learn swimming but never start your swim in the sea as it will be totally different condition as compared to a swimming pool. You wouldn't know the types of current and depth. At times it will also be difficult for anyone to spot you when you in trouble.

Start off in the pool by enrolling yourself into a swimming lesson. You will be coach by proper instructor and I'm sure in no time you'll be swimming like a fish. Always take note that even you knew how to swim never take chances by swimming into deeper water when you are out at sea. Poisonous sea creatures and current are the 2 main points you need to take note.

All the best to you!!

Swimming and wearing boxers?

I do not think you are too old to learn swimming... my sister who is 28 nw is learning to swim in the YMCA.

Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Nonsense, one can learn to swim at any age. You can learn it by your self, can't you?

Do you sweat when you swim? As surely water would naturally cool you body down!?

No Way are you too old . Go for it . You only live once . Take your time . Loads of fun and allways a chance it will come in handy . Keep you fit . It is one of the best workouts . once you learn to swim you could learn to dive and see a world calm and beautiful ..

Getting back into shape?

no, no, no my mom is about twice your age and she started swimming about 3 years ago when I started competitive swimming, and she swims nearly everyday. She swims about 75 laps a day, and thats a little more that 1 mile in a 25 yard pool. But anyway, I tought her how to swim better, and now she swims over 8 miles a week. At the pool I belong to they have swimming lessons for adults, so maybe if you can't swim try to find a place, and dont be embarressed because there are so many people that cant swim, and at least your trying to learn, and when you get better you should go out for swim meets, and compete. Well I wish the best of luck to you.

ps. swimming is very good for you, it keeps your musles toned, and makes you feel great, also you have time to think about things when you're swimming. it is also very fun. and you are deff. not too old. once good luck

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no everybody can learn to swin no matter how old you are

What can I do?

I am 12 years old and never got lessons or anything, just swam in something shorter than me. But recently i went into 9 ft and I could swim! So try that, but make sure someone is around, and if it doesn't work, then find help. And no, your not too old.

Have you ever found anything in the sea while diving?

nahh no one is old to swim. swimming is the best !

Y'all swimmers!?

it is never too late to learn,believe me.You should start from..oh God! u call it "Frog Swimming''?!anyway.then u should proceed to Breast-stroke,then Butterfly,and at last Back-stroke since it is the most difficult(but most people think Butterfly is the toughest.wrong,anyway.)

What's the latest age to learn swimming?

You're not to old, swimming is a life long sport. It keeps your body in shape, helps you burn off fat and calories, builds muscle, and does all sorts of stuff like that. I would highly suggest getting involved in swimming, its a great sport. If you can already swim well, then i would suggest joining a local masters program, and if you cant then i would say take some lessons (don't be embarrassed, lots of people cant swim) and then join a masters team.

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You can never be too old to learn how to swim although if u were to have started out at a young age as i did u would be super good like i am but no just work on ur strokes and u will improve over time or go somewhere a ask some one for help learn to become a good swimmer cuz swimming is the best sport and it is under appreciated

Ok more specific.any 1 need a dive buddy nw england?

No, you are never to old to learn anything. My mom was almost 50 before she learned to swim.

Are there sharks off the San Diego coast.?

No, I think these days they teach ANYBODY to swim!!!!11

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