Is it bad to for ur eyes if u open them under water?

i just got back from the pool and i did not use googles and both my eyes are really blood shot


Is it bad to open your eyes underwater in a lake/ocean/pool?

yes, but not too bad, try to use goggles because the chlorine is a poison and can eventually damage and dry out your eyes... this is coming from a swimmer, water polo player and lifeguard, i live half of my life at the pool and my eyes have long since dried out

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Chlorine and salt water will dry your eyes out. Just get some eye drops and put in to replensih the moisture. No permanent harm

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yeah it is. try using visine. chlorine is not good for your eyes at all.

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Well the chlorine in the pool has obviously irritated your eyes.

it might hurt a little bit but eyedrops help. but it doesnt harm your eyes because synchronized swimmers have to swim there routines without goggles and with there eyes open.

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it happens because of chlorine...but u should really open them's necessary...try eye drops helps with d itching!!

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yes getting pee-water mix into your eyes is no good.

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Not really. Chlorine does make your eyes very red and stings at first (and at least I get little rainbows around every darn source of light) but there isn't a big problem with permanent damage. Sometimes it does dry out the eyes, but not unbearably. I find that this new chemical-- I think it's called bromide, or something-- doesn't sting half as much initially, but it feels like there's sand in my eyes for days. Yes, your eyes will be bloodshot. Your eyes will also be bloodshot after you cry. And if you get an eyelash in your eye. And if you rub them incessantly. So just because your eyes are red doesn't mean you're experiencing the onset of permanent damage. If it makes you feel beter, just use an eyewash.
As for the urine in the pool, that's what the humongous filters and jets and chemicals are for. For crying out loud, they don't let the water stagnate.

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well yeah if the water is clean but if the water is dirty or salted it will hurt

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