It's my first time on a swim team is there anything important to know besides proper stroke technique?

I'm a junior in high school and just join the swim team as something to do and so I can get in shape. The problem is I've haven't really swim seriously since I was a little kid.


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There's a lot of things that go into swimming, many of which I'll probably end up overlooking.

The first thing I can say is you have to swim with confidence in yourself. If you don't have confidence you'll get nowhere fast (meaning your times won't be as good as they can be). This also goes for divers since they need to have total confidence in themselves and the board for their own purpose. But as for a swimmer you really have to gain self-trust.

The next thing you'll need is faith in your teammates. Eventually you'll probably be put in a relay so you'll need to have faith in the other swimmers as well. Start watching how people swim and memorize how each individual person swims that may be put in a relay with you. This part also means cheer your teammates on. They can see you and sometimes hear you while they're swimming so incorporating yourself into their sense is also something you'll need to do.

The rest really deal with practice and how you should train. The first thing is find a stroke technique that's right for you. If you do better kicking really hard with a smooth arm reach then swim that way. I know I do better breathing every 2 strokes even though I'm a sprinter but other kids do different things. Experiment a little during practice and see what's right for you. This also goes for the other strokes, not just freestyle. Everyone has their own signature on paper and it's the same way with stroke technique in the water.

As for actual practice I'd say balance pulling and kicking together and do some IM drills once in a while. These will get you consistently better at all of the strokes and will also increase your general stamina over the course of the season. Your coach will also have you work on your starts, turns and finishes (proof you need to work on finishes: yesterday at my own area league championships a total of 38 places were determined by a balance of 0.5 seconds or lower) which will also end up dropping your times as well.

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The first thing you need to do is have fun.

Second, listen to your coach. He or she will guide you and make you a better swimmer.

Third, don't just compete against others, but compete against yourself. Time yourself and try to beat your personal bests. It's great to beat the other guy. But, it's even better to beat your best mark.

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done be afraid to tell the coachs if u do not know how to do a stroke, or that your technique is not how u would like. If you know you r doing somthing wrong tell the coachs what u think u r doing wrong and the can tell you if u r doing somthing wrong or if it is just u.

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Ok, I attended a swim camp on Saturday, and learned much from a very good, renowned coach (Tom Hainey, look him up). He says that 50% of every practice should be kick, as in with a kickboard, so let your coach know this. Without really, really good kick, you'll go nowhere. That's the most important thing. Another one he taught me is that it doesn't really matter how many metres (or yards) you complete in a practice, as long as you make serious headway on stroke perfection and kick in every workout. To top everything off, he says that having FUN is the most important thing.

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The main thing you need to is ask questions. Each coach has their own drills and ways to coach. If you do not understand what you are doing then ask. I have been a club coach for four years now and the worst thing for a swimmer to do is to swim something wrong because they did not understand or ask questions. Smaller things include making sure you have fun , show up to practice and give 100%, and drink water. Enjoy the season.

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Besides all of the obvious answers above. The most important thing is to realize that even if you're not in shape or fast dosne't mean you aren't as good of a swimmer as your team mates. Be sure to enjoy yourself and remember that you are doing it for you and not for the other people on your team.

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First of all, congratulations. You just joined something that can impact the rest of your life. Swimming is one of the best excersises on earth. It's low impact, so it's really hard to injure yourself.

There are several things to know about being on a swim team. Most of what's been said above is true, but, here's some additional advice.

Figure out what your strenght is. If you're better at long endurance based races than sprints, enter those events. If you have a killer back-stroke, but your breast stroke is a little off, compete more back-stroke events.

Also, remember why you get in shape, not to win first place. Just because you don't win, doesn't mean you didn't do your best or have fun, right? Root for the faster swimmers on your team. Be a cheerleader when you're not on the starting block.

Coaches are great, but they're not the only authority on swimming. If you feel they're pushing you too hard, have a conversation. They're people too. If you're having trouble with the timing of your kicks on your butterfly, ask your coach to spend a little extra time on it. If they blow you off for another swimmer, politely get in their face about it. "Excuse me, Coach? I know i haven't been on the team as long as ________, but i'd really like to improve so i can possibly join a team/get a scholarship for college." If they take you serriously about your will to learn, they're more likely to be helpful.

Have fun, and good luck

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eat right and practice alot, also doing some exercise outside of the pool will build some good muscle

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First thing, Ok I've been on swimteam for 10 years. ok first thing before you get in the pool is stretch on the deck! Then don't be afraid to ask anyone what stroke to learn!! Butterfly is going to be hard at first but then you get really get the hang of it! Eat good healthy foods, like pasta, or jello not sugars of milk or diary! It will cause you to cramp and not swim fast enough! Also touch the touchpad at swim meets for what ever stroke your doing!
Butterfly = 2 hand touch
Breaststroke= 2 hand touch
Backstroke = 1 hand touch
Freestyle= 1 hand touch!
Also don't ever put your swim cap on if there is no water, or baby powder in it!! your cap will break, and it's not a good thing when you are going up for your heat! Then make sure you have plenty to drink, my swim coach suggest that you have 22 grams of sugar or less in a sports drink!! Propel works the best! Also when in a relay do a swimg around to start of your jump, your swim coach will teach you that, also never give up! I wanted to give up when I was 5 just strating and now I've been in it for 10 years!! You'll meet alot of new friends, and relaz and enjoy your meets!! It's ssooo fun, and you'll love it!! My last swim meet is this weekend, and I don't start back up until June!! Have fun!! Good luck!!

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