How long is the tennis season and when does it start?


Who is the youngest tennis player do you know his name i believe his like 4 years old?

The tennis season starts end of Jan/Feb with e the first big grand slam in Australia. The season then runs through til Oct.

Is there a site where I can watch Wimbledon online for free?

It starts and ends when Federer says so.

Why dont more black women play tennis when they know they can dominate the game?

Depends for you. If you play everyday of the year, then it is year round like the pros. If you play everyday in spring, summer, or fall, then it is like you are a seasonal player, and you are most definitely playing at high school. I think thats all i know

Why does Henman still play at Wimbledon?

Well the professional tennis season begins in early January with a few warm-up tournaments before the Australian Open and ends with the Year End Championships, which is a Round Robin. That takes place in November. As for regular tennis playing i'd have to say the Spring/Summer seasons. Whenever a tournament is being played professionally it's usually pretty hot.

Help me. I eed tennis tickets!!!?

From the Australian Open in January to the masters tournaments in December.

How much does a tennis court cost?

If you're talking about the professional season the answer is that it never ends. The tennis season has long been under scrutiny for it's length and what it does to players, who are constantly getting injured because of overplay. The season begins usually the first week of January with smaller events in Australia and immediately throws a huge tournament at the end of the month, one of the 4 grand slams, the Australian Open. By April, the clay court season has begun culminating with Roland Garros in late May/Early June. Then only 2 weeks later is Wimbledon, which I consider the biggest and most important tennis tournament in the world. After Wimbledon, the summer hard court season gets into full swing with the crowning moment coming at Flushing Meadows for the US Open. After this the season always seems, at least for me to take a lull, when the indoor tennis season starts. The finale of the year is the Year End Chamoionships for the men and women which are usually late October to early November. Which means that players usually only get about a month of downtime before they have to start all over. If the season has to be so long, then players shouldn't be required to play as many tournaments as they have to. There would be alot less injuries and the top players would be able to play each other alot more. Although it sucks for the players, I'm always glad that at some point in the year I can keep up with tennis touraments and the players as well.

What is the right tennis bag for me?

The first official ATP (Men's pro tour) started Dec 31,2006 in Adelaide, Australia. Jan 1,2007 also had tournaments start in Qatar and Chennai, India. ATP will end Nov 18 (11-18) Tennis Masters Cup Shanghai, China. Officially ends December 2,2007 (11/30-12/02) DAVIS CUP between two nations best of 5- 2 single matches Friday-doubles Saturday-2 singles Sunday. *NOTE ITF TOURNAMENT. Site TBD

WTA (WOMEN'S PRO TOUR) started JAN 1,2007 in both Gold Coast, Australia and Auckland,New Zealand. WTA will end November 11,2007 Sony Ericsson Championship Madrid, Spain.

Australian Open JAN 15-28, French Open May 27 till June 10, Wimbledon June 25 till July 7 (weather permitting), U.S. Open August 27 till September 9.

For a complete of all remaining tornaments and their location. ATP is first link WTA is the second link.

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