Why do female tennis players show their nipples?


Stance: Which do you use?

I think they are not intentionally showing theirs, it is just because they want to feel comfortable. You know playing tennis is not easy you will sweat a lot and most of the entire game you end up running the court. Wearing bra will distract their performance on court.

Do you fear the M. Sharapova might end up like J. Capriati? There are many similarities !?

Because it gives the balls an extra bounce

Does anybody know a website that sells cheap nike and reebok tennis apparrel?

so they can be the only athlete to make the cover of sports illustrated that ddin't do anything worth making the cover of sports illustrated

Anybody thinks Rafael Nadal is hottttttt or is it just me?

To hide their poor tennis skills.........

Seriously do u have x ray vision?

How can i buy tickets for the final round of Roland Garros?. How much is it? Can i buy online?

Because We Can. :)

Sharapova or Kounikova?


Plz answers?

They want to be the next Anna or Maria. Sponsors gotta make that money man. And men want to watch female tennis

Will Martine Hingis win a grand slam this season on her comeback from injury?

to add 2 extra points to their score

Why should women receive equal prize money in grand slam tennis events when they play shorter matches?

Well every time i see that happen its nite time and wearing a skirt makes you cold and then that happens

How do you buy a tennis raquet is there different size's?

then feel 2 expose.then they play better

Whats the most durable tennis shoes? Nike, prince, Wilson, adidas or Reebok?

they dont , the sweat makes cloths sticky n shows their nipples

What is the origin of Tennis score?

If you've got it, flaunt it!

What male tennis player won US Open in 1994?

Since when?

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