Who has won the most wimbledon tennis titles.?


The best Tennis player?

here's the list of players who has won the most Wimbledon titles:

men's singles : 7
William Renshaw (GREAT BRITAIN)
Pete Sampras (UNITED STATES)

women's singles : 9
Martina Navrátilová (UNITED STATES)

men's doubles : 9
Todd Woodbridge (AUSTRALIA)

women's doubles : 12
Elizabeth Ryan (UNITED STATES)

mixed doubles (men) : 4
O. Davidson (AUSTRALIA)
Ken Fletcher (AUSTRALIA)

mixed doubles (women) : 7
Elizabeth Ryan (UNITED STATES)

most Championships (total, men) : 13
Hugh Doherty (GREAT BRITAIN)

most Championships (total, women) : 20
Billie Jean King (UNITED STATES)
Martina Navrátilová (UNITED STATES)

Who will become the Men's and Women's Tennis Champion at Australia open?

Martina Navratilova with a total of nine successes in the ladies singles.

*For Tennis People*?

Borg for men
gonna be Federer in a couple of years

Which female tennis srar has the best booty?

The most Wimbledon tennis titles in total is 20 shared by Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King.
Navratilova has won 9 singles titles.
Elizabeth Ryan is the winner of most Ladies Doubles titles with a total of 12.

What is the height of the tennis net?

martina narvatilova in women and sampras in men.

Could this be the end for jennifer capriait's Career?

I know this is nosey but is Navratilova a lesbian and why did she defect?

Is badminton harder than tennis?

i think it is sampras(for mens singles), but federer is catching up quickly and he is still young.

Tennis Injury?

Federer soon


Tennis Bankai?

Would have to be Martina Navratilova for all singles and doubles and mixed doubles. is it not?

When should a child start tennis or tennis lessons?

If you meant the singles titles, then it's Martina Navratilova with 9 and the men's is Pete Sampras with 7.

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