How to serve down the "T" in tennis?


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When i want to serve down the T, i try to use my toss as my weapon. If I am standing on the duece side (the right side) I will aim my toss slightly left and snap my wrist while the ball is still high up. I would do the exact opposite on the other side.

You could also use spin to hit the ball down the T. Try holding your racket so that the space between your thumb and index finger lines up with the edge of the "V" on the racket. In other words, you want the edge of the V parallel with that space. Then, toss the ball up high and snap down (being sure not to take your eyes off it). You then should have enough spin to serve normally, but get it to land on the T.

As a highschool tennis player I should also offer this advice. Hitting down the T is really only a good option when someone has a week backhand. Sometimes, the guy expects it and can hit it right down your throat. Be careful.

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If you are serving to the deuce court, aim your serve about two inches to the right of the net strap. Makes it easier than trying to aim down the actual middle. Another practice trick I use is to stand in the middle and serve from right to left across the whole court, about 4 balls for each service box.

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Personally, I like to keep my racket slightly close when I come back for the serve. It's just easier for me. I would suggest aiming just to the left or right of the net strap. Other than that, just keep it simple when it comes to spin.

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stand close to the middle and aim a few inches to the left if serving into the deuce court and aim a few inches to the right if in the adv. court

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All you need to do when you want to serve to a specific area on the court is you have to stare it down before you serve (focus on it) and make sure you are coming across your body with the raquet.

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