How long do tennis games last?

i just want to know how long does a tennis game last?


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well normally it depends how good ur at it..
if u can play like a pro & the other team sux than it might take a little while, like about 15, 20 minutes but if both teams r good at it, it takes like an hour or so.

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It's according to how good or bad the 2 people playing are. If they are even, then it usually takes anywhere from an hour to 2 hours. I coach high school tennis, and some of my girls won in 30 minutes, then others took over an hour.

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few hrs

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It really depends how many sets you play and the match up. A two out of three sets match is what they play in High School and in some pro events. If a match wasn't one sided and if oneplayer wins straight sets (first two sets) that game would last roughly 1 hr 30mins to 2hrs. If one player wins two out of three sets then those can go up to the 3hr mark.
The shortest match I've seen in High School (I'm on the team) is 25mins (a three set match). This was onsided and our guy lost, our number one guy was out and we had to bring our bench player to play number one and even more he got beaten by a foreign exchange student from Germany (6-0, 6-0) who went on to reach state in 3A. If you want to know who he is he is "Marco Dehmel", outstanding player.
The longest match I've seen is alittle over 3hrs and I was in it!

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could be 1 minute to 30 minutes for a single game a match could be 30 minutes to 3-4 hours.

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it all depends on the skill, if you serve, and your opponent misses every ball, the game could pretty much end it like 10 min although my tennis teacher told me that a tennis game once ran over a period of 2 days! on average i would say a tennis game could go for 10-20 mins. the scoring is love(0), 15 30 40 duce, advantage game, the game tends to drag on if you enter duece(when you both have 40 points) then whoever wins the rally gets advantage, if you win the next rally you win the game but if you lose the rally your back to duece, but in general, the games tend to last 10-20 mins.

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you have to set a score

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you cant really can last any where from a little under an hour to i think the highest was around 7 really depends of skill level , how many sets are being played and the number of games in each can never tell before hand exactly how long it will take

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depends how many sets
1-3 hours
5 if really long close match

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Tennis can be a length or very short game to play. Mostly depending upon the length of the scoring your using. Isn't it interesting that tennis is one of the few sports that doesn't have a time frame! No clocks or time limits (except on the break between points & games). You could be down, 6-0, 5-0, 40-love and still come back because there is no time limit. If you were down 21 to 0 in the 4th quarter of a football game with 2 minutes left the outcome is already decided. Golf doesn't have a time limit but it does have a length limit which is 18 holes, so if your 3 strokes down on the 18th hole, you don't have much of a chance. Only Tennis has this unique characteristic of being unrestrained by time and length. Tennis ends when the final score is reached!!

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A tennis game can vary in length of time. For example my daughter got to a tiebreaker in her doubles which took an hour and a half.In all I calculated she was on the court for twoand a half hours A match keeps going until someone gets two or three sets. There is no real time.

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