WHY? should women get same prize money as men at Wimbledon?


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i think they should get the same cash prize even if the men play longer.

they train just as hard and they attract many spectators too.

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they shouldnt. they play less sets so they should get payed less

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umm ever heard of equal rights? are you kidding me?

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Everyone should be paid according to 3 standards.
1) Time of work: Men play longer games.
2) Quality of work: Men play better tennis.
3) Revenues brought to the company: Men bring more audience to a tournament.

Take your conclussions.

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they should be payed for how many sets they play. doesn't matter if they are men, women, or martians<although i think is aliens played tennis, it would bring more people than men or women anyday! lol>

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Men Women; Black White Chinese Mexicans; Russians Italians When did we stop being human beings. Each of us are competing for something and no matter sex or ethnicity we become equal in achievement Yes

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? i mean seriosuly, how sexist are you. Haven't you ever heard of Title IX? it doesnt matter if theyre men or women, it about time were getting equal pay! it shouldve been that way from the start. and just because women dont play as many sets as men, doesnt mean they cant. havent you ever heard of when Billie beat Bobby? women can compete just as well as men so they deserve everything a man gets.

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Regarding one of the above answers, Title IX has only to do with NCAA sports and Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in an exhibition match when Riggs was old and washed up...it was more a publicity stunt than anything. That being said, I still think women should have equal prize money. Men's tennis may be slightly more popular (open to debate), but I think women's tennis has grown in popularity more in the recent years than the men's game. Also, just because men's is best of 5 sets while women's is best of 3...this does not mean that women couldn't play best of 5.

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It's a given that the 100th ranked man on the tour can usually beat the #1 female. To get the same amount of pay, women should play the best three out of five sets. To do less means that they should earn less. Simple math.

How do i become a pro tennis player?

I sure as hell do not watch tennis to see the men's division! Women are responsible for bringing tennis it's popularity and not the boring men players. I do not get interested in watching 2 men hit the ball back and forth as hard as then can. With the increase in athletic ability in recent years, the same tennis court size makes the game less exciting to watch. At least in the women's division, they are still some players with finesse and brains that win games. Of course there are still the woMEN players that are just as bad as the men players and just hit the ball back and forth as hard as they can until someone misses.that is soooo boring!! So, yes, the women deserve to have the same amount of prizemoney that the men receive. Without the women tennis players, there would not be the same interest in the sport! They should not have to play 5 sets. That is ridiculous! 3 sets of great tennis in enough to watch. You go, girls!!

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At the end of the day I think a lot of people forget that tennis (and all sports) is a business. People are willing to pay more to be entartained. For instance would you pay more to see a local comic do a routine for 4 hours, or to see Chris Rock, or Seinfeld, do a hlaf hour bit. Most people would pick the latter, because they feel they would be better entertained. Its the same thing with tennis. While the women play less sets than the men, in general the womens' games tend to be more entertaining. As such I would think the WTA brings in as much (or close to) ad revenue and ticket sales as the ATP. And if that is the case, then women should absolutely get paid as much as the men. This principle is seen in all other sports. Why do lacroosse players earn a very small fraction of what football players do? Do football players really work harder than lacrosse players? Is their training regimen really more difficult? Do they have to be in better shape? Are they better athelets? Not neccessarily. Football players earn more for the simple reason that football is much more popular, and therefore the NFL takes in MUCH more revenue than the NLL (National Lacrosse League)

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because they deserve it. tennis as a sport, has also become a source of entertainment. entertainers are not paid by the minutes they are on stage or even their screentime, but their mere presence is enough. women's tennis may not produce the longest matches, but they generate the same interest and buzz (if not more at times) as men's tennis. cases in point: venus's win over lindsay in 2005 and amelie's win over justine in 2006.

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Because women are equals to men. If it wern't for them, we wouldn't be here right now!

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Because women PLAY TENNIS.

Men's Tennis is too often reduced to how many aces somebody can serve and is boring to watch.

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If anything women should get paid more for playing Tennis than men, because they play a better quality of Tennis than the men do. I am a guy and I would take Maria Sharapova over Roger Federer any day and anytime!!!!

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It has nothing to do with the level of competition or how long they play for. Prize money in all sports is based on the amount of money they generate. I dont watch men's tennis, only women's, but i assume the men's game is still slightly more popular and thus they should earn the most.
Once the women's game is more popular, which it should be, then they should be paid more than the men

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Although I believe that men and women are equal, the women do play less time. You have to consider that the most a women can play (3 sets) is the least amount a man can play in a single match. I thought Wimbledon would keep it as it was before.

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They shouldn't.
Men play more = more pay.
Women play less = less pay.

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They should not. They play only three sets, when the men have to play five. You don't see any women suggesting that they play the same amount of sets, rather they just demand more money.

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Women should get equal pay. One of the core reasons is that they contribute more than their fair share when it comes to selling tickets, and as tennis is a business, they deserve to be compensated fairly.

For those who say "they play less tennis, so they deserve less money" are missing the point. Their images are used to sell tickets, even more so than the men. There are more "personalities" that people like to follow on the women's side, and women's tennis is more television friendly. If the argument is only about time, then let's look at other sports - why does Kobe Bryant get paid more than any other starter on the Lakers, even if they all play the same number of minutes in a game? The answer is that Kobe gets results and sells tickets.

So do the women in tennis. I've seen live tennis in locations around the world, and can honestly say that I would definitely pay the same amount for a good women's match as I would for a good men's match.

Equal pay is the right thing to do. They deserve it, they've earned it, and playing a set or two less than the guys is only one very small part of the discussion.

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they should be paid less

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equal rights dumb ***!

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i think its crap
they play less
well i will give em...there field is hard to win

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I'm no chauvinist but feminism is rather extreme in my opinion. I mean, women want equal everything but they still expected to be treated as if they were the weaker sex. What's up with that?

I believe that the amount of prize money awarded should be proportional to the amount of effort and time spent on court. Men play best of 5 sets and the ATP definitely has much better quality than the WTA. Thus cos men's tennis requires more effort, time and quality, they should be paid more. Logical. And it's a form of meritocracy.

Just get Federer to play against the top 2 women players at the same time in a best of 5 set match and he'll still win. In fact, you don't even need Roger for that job, I bet Djokovic, Murray or some other lower ranked male player would be able to do the job as well.

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