Does anyone know how to keep tennis balls from getting stale?

My tennis balls seem to lose their bounce very fast. Can anyone suggest a way to make them last longer?


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There is a product out called Tennis Ball Saver. It is made of thick plastic and has two parts; the white plastic holder which you put three balls in and the yellow plastic top which screws down over the top of the white plastic increasing the pressure inside. The tennis balls will regain their pressure after a few days and be able to bounce similar to when they were new. The product costs about 8 dollars and can be found at some sporting goods stores or purchased online at large retailers. The other option is to pay about 1.50 a ball for a pressureless ball; like tretorn's micro x series and they will bounce for years, but the felt on the ball will be gone long before then. Those are your best two options.

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Put them in the freezer

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I heard that if you put them in a dryer they can give the tennis ball some more bounce.

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keep them in the original bottle, and if its cold, keep them INSIDE the house!
-i know this cuz once i left my balls in the garage, and when i took them out in spring, they were all flat. -_-

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the truth is , you don't want to do anything to try and preserve your tennis balls. Once you start trying to do that, then you're messing with the actual pressure that was initially put in the ball in the first place. When you play, your tennis balls will never be consistent with any of the others. You just have to play until you don't like their bounce anymore and then buy new ones.

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Air pressure containers are made just for tennis balls. Some will hold hundreds of balls, other will hold 3 balls from a tennis ball can. Air pressure is the only way to keep balls from losing their air pressure. Go to some tennis websites and look for tennis ball pressurizers in the Accessories section.

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Put them on a pan in the oven at a low to medium heat.
What tennis balls are you buying? Always go for a good, well established name. Dont store them in your car, the changes in temperature will affect them.
"Never" buy the balls that come in a bag.

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