Is it okay to drink an energy drink before playing tennis or any sports?


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Ahhh I think that's what they were intended for.

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yeah even better add some vodka with it! :P

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yes, that's what they are for, to give you a boost. however, after they wear out, you will feel a sharp drop in your energy level. hopefully you'll be done with your sport by then.

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uh what do you think energy drinks are for?duh you can drink them before sports.

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Not being a smart *** or anything, but isn't that what they're there for??

I think it would be fine as long as you stayed hydrated during your physical activity.


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Sure. You're gonna need some energy before playing some nice game of tennis.

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No. Depending on what energy drink you are talking about you can take an energy drink during the sport (such as Gatorade) but only after you have done some exercise. It should only be used if you need to quench your thirst during or after intense exercise. Energy drinks like V and Red Bull are full of really bad things and will not help your performance. "Gatorade is the ultimate sports drinks for athletic people who are looking to quench their thirst, replace fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat, and obtain energy for working muscles to enhance performance." -Propel Fitness Water

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Energy drinks are usually loaded with refined sugar, which will give you fast energy but you'll feel tired again very soon. I suggest a meal with carbs and protein, like pasta and soy souce or beans + veggies. That way you'll get all the important nutrition.

Energy drinks are a scam in my opinion. Read the ingredient list if you dont trust me. I tried many different ones long ago (incl Red Bull) , and they simply didnt work.

Good luck!

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it is OK but try it a couple of times to test how you react. Some people get jittery and less coordinated.

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YES!! ...well this would depend on the energy drink, most would be beneficial to your performance, Cafiene in particular has been proven to improve performance in athletes. You need to make sure you are well hydrated (that is drink plenty of water before hand and during) test the energy drink in your training sessions before a competition so that you don't end up with an upset stomach on the big day. Also make sure you are eating a balanced diet leading up to the event and have a decent slow burning carbohydrate meal the morning of your event to give you sustained energy to burn because tennis can be an endurance event.

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Ask your doctor He will say water is the best. If you were serious about competing you should have known this. Workout at least 5 times a week.

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You should try not to or you could throw the wiimote through the television set

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never try it. coz i dont like energy drink. but i thought, it is okay.

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I think so as long as you know what's in the drink. Most energy drinks have a lot of sugar and caffeine in them. So, if you are playing sports, I would think you would have to drink a lot of water so you don't get dehydrated. Another alternative is to find an energy drink that is healthy for you and doesn't have all the sugar and caffeine. I like one that I drink everyday before I work out. It lasts a long time and gives me more energy for a good work out. I found this one at

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well its does more effect iffu drink while doing sports but i guess its ok to drink b4

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i guess it's okay, i suggest better to drink water and gatorade and maybe eat a protien bar during the game. The negative about enery drink is that it's mostly just water sugar so even thought it will give you energy, it can also tire you out pretty soon.

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of course it is.Thats what they are meant for.Go ahead ,it will definately improve your energy level while playing.

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Yes,I am a very good tennis player.I feel tottaly refreshed and a special feeling to win it comes within.

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Of course, it's even better. You'll have energy for later.

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Yes !
Try not to substitute a sensable meal(carbos/protein fruit and veg) for energy drink. Hydration is key so allot of water. Food/Sunblock 2 hours before play and what ever you do don't swim before you play tennis (tightens muscles contrary to tennis you need flexibility loose as a goose stretch big time, always underestimated in importance

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