Why does one volleyball player wear a jersey different from the other members of his or her team?


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That member of the team is THE "LIBERO" PLAYER
Each team has the option to register one specialised defensive player, "Libero" among the final list of 12 players for the whole tournament.
The specific rules for a Libero player are as follows:
A) He/she is restricted to performing as a back row player and has no right at all to complete an attack hit when the ball is above the height of the top of the net.
B) The Libero may not serve, block or attempt to block.
C) The Libero must wear a different colour shirt from the other members of the team.
D) Substitutions involving a Libero are not counted as regular and their number is unlimited. A Libero cannot take part in normal substitutions and may only enter or leave the game while the ball is out of play and before the whistle for service.
E) It is necessary to have a rally between replacement of two different players involving a Libero. With the previous approval of the first referee, an injured Libero may be substituted during the match by any registered player within the normal line-up list of the score sheet.
G) The designated replacement of a Libero will be limited to performing as a Libero for the rest of the match and the subsequent matches. Nevertheless, this player will be allowed to be registered again in the normal line-up of later matches once the initially registered Libero is officially re-instituted.
H) No other player will be authorised to perform as a Libero and in the case of further injury of the originally registerd Libero, he/she will be replaced by the same player under the same conditions as stated in previous points.

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That player is known as "libero". He wears a jersey defferent from others so as to distinguish himself. The interesting thing is that a lebero player has the privelage to enter the court anytime without even asking the referee. His coming inside the court is not counted as a substitute. But he can play only as a back court player and one player has to go out untill he is inside the court.

Hope u understood all that.

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ya your right... that is the captain ball of the team...

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that player is what we call the "libero" or the defensive player in a volleyball team.he/she has to stay throughout the duration of the game.it's always in the rules and regulations in playing the volleyball...

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i always thought that was the captain, but i guess its called a libero or something according to the other answerers

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That player is the libero. Instead of being a sub for one player they can just go in. Usually the libero's very short so they always play in the back.

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The Libero is used as a back row specialist. The reason why the color is different is to ensure that the refs and the scoring table can tell them apart. They have a different set of rules to play by and to substitute by as well.

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libero wear different jersey to notify refs that what he/she is a defensive specialist. He/she can sub in and out with any back row player at any dead ball time without calling to Ref. Special rules apply to him or her as he/she can't attack, set inside 10-foot line or block.

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the perosn with the different color jersey is mainly supposed to be the captain.

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they are a libero...i'm a libero for the team i play for...we can go in and out of the backrow without having to do a substitution...we cant set infornt of the 10 foot line...jump and be over the net and only in college (for right now) can a libero serve

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b/c their called the labero and that person can sub in for anyone in the back row whit out callin a sub and they cant play front row

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The player is called a libero. The person can sub in and out of the game for a backrow player at any time, and the substitution will not subtract from the substitution amount. The reason the color is different is so the ref knows who the libero is and doesn't call someone else for a technical

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I play highschool volleyball and the only member of our team that wears a diff jersey is the best offenceive player the libero.

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not on every team does a person wear a diff. jersey. Normally that means either he/she is a sub or the team captain

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