Wrists hurt when playing volleyball!?

I just started playing volleyball and my wrists hurt so bad. I have practice everyday (Mon. - Fri.) 4 the next 3 wks. and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do until my wrists get used 2 it. It feels like my wrists and arms r on fire when I hit the ball!!


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people should be ashamed at the answers they are giving you.

If your feeling pain then your contacting the ball wrong!!
End of story.

if your wrist hurt when spiking, it's beacuase your wrist shouldn't be hitting the ball, you should use your hand. Make sure your hand stays big and hard, and focus on good contact over power.

if your wrists are hurting when passing the ball then stop attacking it. If your arms are swinging into the ball then you have a problem. I am guessing that if your wrists are hurting then your passing is either going over the net, or away from your target.
When the ball contacts your arm you should be slightly dropping your arms. (And I mean slightly) it's called excepting the ball.

If you have a really hard spiker you might get stung once and a while, but once you start accepting the ball instead of attacking the ball your pain will go away in a hurry.

Keep up fighting for your spot on the team, hopefully your coach has better answers for you than you have gotten here.
Socks on the wrist, tape, ice, cold water, cutting of the fingers so the you wont notice the pain in the wrists are all awful responses. Just try accepting the ball instead of attacking it.

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There is nothing you can really do! It's just part of playing volleyball. Its something that you have to endure...

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Hit the ball with ur hands and when you're serving keep the ball in your hand and don't hit too strong.

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i am sorry, but there is really nothing you can do. when you get home from practice, ice your wrists, it will take any swelling down plus numb the area, but other than that after a week or so, it will go away.

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its b/c the wrists aren't used to being hit so it will hurt

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Have you asked the coach?
If it is OK.
How about putting Athletic Tape on your wrists. Don't put it on to tight. When you put the tape on hold your hand out and spread your fingers slightly and that will keep you from getting the tape to tight.
Let about half an inch of the tape go onto your hand [the part of the wrist that bends]
This helps with shock and supports your wrist some in case you hit the ball wrong.
The ice pack will help prevent swelling. It will heal faster if it doesn't swell.
If you do take Aleve [Naproxen Sodium]for inflammation. Follow the directions. One tablet with one cup of water.[12 hour tablets] Best to have food in your stomach too. Do not take these for a long time. They can hurt your stomach and other things.
Hope this helps.

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omg yes. ive played volleyball ALL my life. and you should get used to it after a few days or weeks.

go to a sport store and get volleyball wrist pads. they're pieces of cloth with padding in them. they work so well

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personal experience:

i don't know if it is good or bad. What i did was just dip my hands in some cold water. (basically, I just took a cold shower cuz i was pretty much dirty anyways - first week was crazy, diving everywhere, running miles)
and when i took a shower, i just kinda relaxed and did not think about the pain.

During practice, (lol I don't recommend this) try overhead passing more. haha that's what i did sometimes. Thing about this is that you need to train your wrists and forearms to get used to being hit hard. O_o Oh and I just chew gum if that helps. But then again, I chew gum 19/7. *

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You could take pain killers, but that doesnt solve the problem, make sure u stretch the forearm muscles, and move your wrist around before you play (maybe even use a heating pad) and use ice AFTER your done playing


Stinky Kitty Head.I have been following how unsure you have been about trying out for the team and how bad tryouts were the first day. I am very proud that you have stuck with it. Nice Job! As far as the wrist.make sure you let your coach know. I would see the athletic trainer if you have one. If not make sure you ice it up after practice (for 20 minutes or so). You will get used to it. Keep up the great job.

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youre probaby not cantacting the ball correctly...cuz ur supposed to contact the ball with ur fore arm, and when contact the ball..make sure u have a nice platform.

and when ur hitting, u need to make sure that u keep a strong hand, and that goes the same when youre blocking.

youre probably not used to it if youve just started playing, it takes a while ti get uesd to...ur fore arms will get red..and perhaps bruise a little. and youre hands and wrists will hurt for a bit

hope this helps

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When you are passing wear something over your arms, a sweater/jacket, or the leg part of a knee sock. Just something to take the shock besides your arms. Ibuprofen always helps the pain.

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work ur forearm muscles a little bit.cuz ur supposed to be hitting the ball with that part of ur arm anyway.and dont hit so hard. also..."dont use ur arms to hit the ball"...keep ur arms in positiona dn the use ur knees to move ur arms.get the point kinda? ya ok lol hope that helps..?


It sounds like you are hitting the ball wrong. It happened to me too, and hit the ball write by your wrist, but not on your wrist.

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no pain no gain

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just have to get used to it. It might take a while but playing volleyball is worth it.

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honestly ur wrists shouldn't be hurting, but they probably are because u might be bumping wrong... in college people call the bump the forearm pass because ur supposed to hit it w/ ur forearm. When you bump a ball right after your wrist anywhere between there a the crease. Just try working on ur bumps, ask ur coach to help you w/ them, rub lotion and maessage ur wrists until they stop hurting, if they don't, see a doctor u may have injured self

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your wrist probably are NOT used to being hit, so if you keep practicing they will stop hurting, the same thing happened to me, and my coach said it would stop hurting

good luck!

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Mine hurt too, but after about a week you get used to it. No pain no gain!

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Repetitive motion and trauma can cause problems like this. You need to consult an orthopedic or sports physician to find out how to warm up, bind and protect your wrists, and when to stop.

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Maybe you are hitting it wrong. Remember you don't want the ball to hit you right on the wrist's you want it slightly higher. Also go into the ball when you are about to hit it you have more control and it will not hurt as badly.and maybe you are swinging your arms and that's why your wrists are burning.

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