What are some good things to practice before volleyball tryouts?

I have taken a few volleyball camps, but what should I do before tryouts to increase my chances getting on the team.


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I agree with the others that being able to pass(especially passing serves) and being able to consistently serve overhanded are probably the two major skills freshman level coaches look for.

At this level, you also want to demonstrate that you are an athlete with lots of potential. So get in shape! Run suicides, run stairs, do pushups, situps, wall sits, etc. Anything that will help you show that you can move faster, jump higher, and react to the ball quicker that the others.

Hope that helps!

Volleyball gear?

um u just have to keep practicing...bumping...setting... the basics. u will do great!! have fun. I luv v-ball!!

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never played vball liek on the school team .. but alot of things my friends that did play practed was bumping and setting the ball to your self .. just striahgt up .. adn you have to get to like 65 i think and it couldnt touch the ground

Volleyball Camp?

Two things coaches really look for is serving and passing.

If you (or your team) can't serve you can't win games.

It's okay if you can't set well - not everyone is a setter - but passing is critical. If you can pass, you will play in games. The serve starts the rally but a good pass get the game going. You should still practice passing with your hands (aka hand passing) but it's a different technique from setting. With a hand pass (H pass) there is more force against the ball, while the set is "softer".

Also coaches don't really look at how well you are conditioned during tryouts but if you can, do some leg exercises (such as leg extensions, squats, walls sits, and definitely running). This will help you be conditioned for passing and will make you stand out as everyone else is huffing and puffing.

Don't forget to watch volleyball and see where each player moves and watch the different rotations so you may have some previous knowledge. Sometimes this will help when, in tryouts, the coach may go through rotations to see how fast you pick it up. observing vball games will help you understand where to go during serve recive, base, defense and freeballs. If you have questions about playing, ask a knowledgable person (or post it here on yahoo.)

Lastly, be a part of the team. Your attitude in volleyball counts for a lot. Watch other volleyball teams especially girls and watch how they are so enegetic and full of team spirit. Where I live everyone can get into the game because there is so much energy and you just pick it up and get excited about the game.
Even if you dn't make the team, go to their games and scope out other teams. Make the coach notice that you are making and effort to get better at volleyball.

I know that's alot of information, but it is what makes you a better player too. If you don't make the team, don't get discouraged, get mad and get better. Joining an off season club team will really help you improve on your game.

Good Luck!

How to u serve a volleyball successfully?

Go in with a great attitude. Be very vocal, and always compliment your teammates or the girls you are playing with. This is what I always look for in my players-a girl who contributes to the spirit of the team. Also, if a coach tells you to work on something, DO IT! they will notice that you're a "coachable player" which I take any day over a girl with natural talent who won't go anywhere.

Good luck!

Shoo muscled Sara?

when me and my friends practice first we practice bump, set spike then we go on to serving

What exercises can help you get fit for volleyball?

just practice bumping, setting, serving, and maybe spiking .and while u practice have like a target or something so u can practice ur control on the ball

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What are the 3 ways to hit the volleyball?

Bunting and serving the ball has been the main 2 troubles 4 me.

How do I find begginer players?

FUNDAMENTALS !! You need to pass, set, attack, and serve repetitively. Practicing correctly is the key. Communication is a MUST! Remember that!

What are some good workouts for volleyball?

Make sure you can serve really good. Set to yourself 100 times a day. And have the correct form for passing and spiking. Good luck.

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practice volleyball. lift weights. run! run! run! do pushups and situps

How can i pass straighter in volleyball?

i say you practice everything you can! Mostly the basics but you have to run, jump, pratice your swings, practice on getting low, and also your dives

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