In volleyball what is a le baron?


Can I do it?

You mean libero - a libero is a defensive specialist who never serves - they wear a different color jersey (usually black) and never attack or block the ball when it is above net height.
Liberos can replace any back line player when the ball is not in play (and do not have to notify the officials).

The biggest effect of the libero on the game is that they don't count against the number of team substitutions. There are some other rules (see link:)

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A libero is a defense specialist. Meaning that they don't hit or play front row. They are only allowed to serve in college, but can't serve for more than 1 serve. They only play back row, and they dig the balls from hitters on the other side of the net. That is what I am. They have to be really good at passing and getting low to the ground. It is a lot of fun!

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