Why is there one person on a volley ball team that wears a different jersey?


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It's the libero. The libero can be substituted for anyone. They don't have to do the hand touch ten foot line thing. They don't hit, and usually don't serve. They're usually pretty short, but they have to be quick to break all the serves. That's basically a libero's job.

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the server or the team caption- Im not sure which one

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the player who can call a time out.only one on court who can stop the game from going on.this stops any confusion on the court and is usually assigned to a player who has alot of experience to make such a decision.

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Every team has a designated person called the Labaro, the defensive specialist. The labaro can go in as many times for the back row, while other players have a certain number of times then can be substituted in.

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I am on the Junior Varsity volleyball team, and the answer to your question is..dun, dun, dun! The Libero wears a different jersey. A libero is a back row passer only, and cannot serve or play front row. We have the best libero on the planet! We love you, Heather!

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It's called the libero. She only plays backrow and pretty much has to be a really good passer for the setter to set it up for the spiker. She doesn't sub in or sub out formally.


they r the labarel: they can only play the back row and they cant serve and if they want to spike it has to be behind the 10 foot line, i know cause im a labarel, well i used to be since yestuerday

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The person that wears a different jersey is the librero! They're defensive-specialists! They can sub in and out when ever they want but only in the back row. They can never serve or play front row as long as they have that jersey on. They wear a different jersey so that the refs could tell them apart from the rest of the team!


The person that wears the different color uni is called the libero.they are the ones that can sub in and out for whoever they want, back row/ they're the designated passer. or something.

I'm trying out for the volleyball team and i need some advice ? HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This player is called a libero. She wears a different color jersey so the referee can identify. She can enter the game for any player in the back row without a substitution. She can serve or attack the ball.
Hope this helps

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The person who wears a different colored jersey is called the Libero. The jersey is highly contrasted with the normal team jersey. The Libero can substitute for any backrow player without having to use an official substitution. It allows for a speedier gameplay. The Libero is basically a pure defensive player.

Rules are constantly changing throughout USAV, High School, and NCAA to accomodate for this new position. Currently Liberos are limited to the following:

- They cannot attack the ball above the plane of the net.
- They cannot assist an attack from the front row.
- They cannot block.
- They cannot move to the front row.

Everything else I believe is legal for the Libero, including serving.

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That person is called the libero. The libero is usually the best passer on the team. they can go in for anyone in the back court. In usa Volleyball the libero can not serve but in college the libero can serve. for more information vist usavolleyball.org

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they might be a little larger than another person if you are in middle school. but if you are in high school or college that person is called a libero.

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So they can switch in and out the game with out going threw the reffs

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This person is called a lebro. The reason why they have a different jersey, because they could get in the game with no substitution

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it is the Libero. The Libero is usually the best passer on the team.The Libero only plays backrow and can only serve in college volleyball.The Libero goes in and out for a person who isn't a great passer.

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