What does sideout mean in volleyball?



Sideout means the serve changes from one side to the other. It meant a little more when points could be scored only by the team that served. Now that a point is awarded on every serve regardless who serves, it is just an exchange of which team serves.

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It means the ball went over the side boundary. Out of bounds.

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It means the other team gets a chance to serve for a point.

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sideout means, when the other team is on a role, or has the serve, you say side out as a term to get the ball back/ have the serve.

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It means that u try and make the opponent serve the ball and get it out of bounds. Well there is a line if the ball goes out of the line it well be called out. Side out is when the person severs out. That is all. If u have any Que. e-mail me at spoiledgirl10@sbcglobal.net

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it means to get the back

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sideout means that the other team recieved the point and now they have the ball to serve it. usually thats when you would yell sideout. which basically means you want to get the point and the ball back. :D

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It's a form of a sike"out" used by the opposing team. to make you nervous or srew up.

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You want the other team to mess up so that you can get the ball back.

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1 of the teams serve and it goes out of bonce and the other team serves.

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it means to get the serve back on yur team's side.

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