What is the difference between a volleyball match and a game?

its for volleyball h.w.


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a game is a game

it is what you play

the game is about being the first team to get to 25 points(at least 2 points ahead) to win the set

the first team to win 3 sets out of a possible 5 wins the match

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A match is composed of 5 games ... you need to win 3 games out of the 5 in order to win the match.

many confuse the match with the game ... but its a match

Go to the link and notice where it says, "Cal Poly held small leads in EVERY GAME, but California hit .227 in the first game and pulled away to beat the 15th-seeded Mustangs in four games .. "


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a match consists of several games. whichever team wins the most games wins the match.

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theres 3 matches in a game and you have 2 win 2 of the matches 2 win the game

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Three or five matches make up a game.

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A match is more than 1 game.

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I don't think there is a difference.

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a game has five matches

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A game is an individual "game" meaning only one... usually played to 30 (rally scoring) and won by 2 points. A match is the best 3/5 games. First one to win three games wins the match.

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A game consists of 5 matches or sets, with the team with 3 out of 5 games winning.

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match is organised, with an official/s and is competitive. Points in the game are hard fought and high-quality equipment is used and the competitor has a serious approach to proceedings.
game is usually played in a casual manour not on a set court without officials or governing-body set equipment and guidlines. The score is often not kept and the outcome of the game is usually less important tan the enjoyment factor.

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There are usually three games in every match, and you must win atleast 3 of the 5 games. In tournament play thought you usually only play 3 games and there it is best 2 out of 3.

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There are 2 to 3 matches in a game.
I think

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A game is played to 25 (high school) or to 30 (college). To confuse you even more, they are trying to change the name "game" to "set." That was in last years rule book for high school volleyball.

A match is a group of games (varsity/college it is the best 3 of 5 games. JV in our state it is the best 2 of 3 games). Usually the match is what counts toward the record (example, if you have a 5 -1 record it means you have one 5 matches and lost 1 match).

I hope this helps and good luck when they go to sets instead of games (I am going to struggle with that one).

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there are either three or five games in a match so you play either best of three or best of five

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a match is composed out of 5 games.and to win a match you need to win 3 out of the 5 games!

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