How do I prepare for a volleyball game?

Do I exercise more, do I rest more, do I eat more or less calories, what will help me prepare to do my best in a volleyball game?


I had ankle surgery last month from volleyball?

Exercise is a must. Don't exercise late at night before a game. Get a good night's sleep. As for eating, eat A LOT of fruit,vegetables, and meat. Lay low on junk food. Eat fruit the most. It will fill you up and give you lots of energy and power. Eat a healthy breakfast. Good Luck! I hope I helped!

My setting is horrible. What are some drills for becoming a better setter that I could do on my own?

Exercise is great,but don't wear your self out completley. Also, try to get a good night's sleep the night before a game. It will help you stay alert. Make sure you have something in your stomach before playing. You might get sick if you play on an empty stomach. ALWAYS STAY HYDRATED!! I recommend drink something like Gatorade before and during and after a game.
Good Luck!!

Belgum ball game gee i don,t know how to spell it?

First, get a good night's sleep, but don't sleep in too much if you acn help it, or you'll feel heavy and lazy the next morning. Also, eating healthy food with carbs is a good idea. Pasta the night before a game is what I eat, and it does wonders. Don't eat too much though, it will drag you down. Lastly, stay hydrated! Water and gatorade will keep you up and running.

What should I do in order to make my school's JV Volleyball team?

i think that you need to prepare yourself mentally as well and phisically while the physical stuff is important mental is to physical as four is to one

I live in illinois and i love volleyball and i want to play club?

Just to tell you I'm on the Islanders volleyball team and almost as good as Nebraska. Anywayz... rest but don't be a couch patatoe... get some of your teammates and practice together in a gym or some place. Don't eat foods with a lot of calories, before a game like an hour before eat something with noodles in it like roman noodles (for example) Noodles have carbohydrates and have lots of energy for your body. Don't eat alot though but don't starve yourself if your hungry eat something but try not to eat so many snacks. Good Luck!! ;)

Short people playing volleyball?

you need to pratice more and you can get a volleyball teacher you can try and god will help you

What is the hardest sport to learn?

find a friend and both of you can go to the gym and work out and the go to the basketball courts and practice for volleyball

I am starting a volley ball team but I need help with a name?

There is something called the "Inverted U Theory". It just states that a player is at their optimal performance when they aren't too aroused (pumped up). What this means is that if you sit there in the change room before a game getting yourself overly pumped up you won't perform to the best of your ability. You just have to find that perfect spot.

The most exercising you should do before a game is your warm-up and maybe a moderate jog to get your blood flowing earlier in the day. Any strenuous exercise and you will just be too tired to play.

When it comes to eating you shouldn't eat anything 1-2 hours before a game. And when you are eating keep it all healthy. Stay away from the artificially sugary foods. They will give you that quick burst of energy but you will burn out before the game is done. The same goes for energy drinks.

What is volleyball?

Practice will help you be better in your .

Any motivational cheers...?

You have to find what works for you, it's different for everyone. I usually listen to rock music on my ipod to get my adrenaline going, i don't eat right before a game because it makes me feel sick, but i do drink a lot of water during the day, and eat a healthy lunch and breakfast. Before the game my team usually does team bonding, and we stretch, do variables, and cheers to get adrenaline going. I hope this helped a little bit! have fun!

Which is your favourite court on which you would play volleyball, and why?

While you wait for your game, visualize all of your bumps, sets, spikes, and serves, the visualization counts as about 90% of your success.

Are there any websites that give tips on how to play volleyball better??

Put both hands on the wall, keep 1 leg under you and the other stretched behind you. Push against the wall and stretch the calf muscles of the leg behind you. Switch and do the same with the other leg.
I also twist to each side to stretch out the back and side muscles.
Don't eat a lot right before the game. You should eat your meal at least an hour before playing. Keep hydrated with water or sports drink. Pop is not recommended.

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