My toddler throwing up all night tonight after swimming at indoor waterpark please help?

i think he may have swallowed alot alot alot of the water in the pool, is this really dangerous, help


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Don't panic! It's pretty common for kids to throw up after swimming at public pools, especially if they're heated - bacteria and bugs love those places! It's not dangerous unless he isn't keeping any fluids down. If he's throwing up constantly and is getting feverish, take him to a doctor, they can put him on a drip to rehydrate him if he needs it. If you don't think he's at that stage yet, you can get Hydralyte iceblocks that replace all the fluid he's losing. He'll be ok - but if you're really concerned a trip to the dr. won't hurt. Good luck.

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No it is chlorinated.
Too much water from near drowning will come back out, it doesnt stay in
probably something else like over exertion or eating too much.

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I would suggest taking him to the doctor. I used to work in the hotel industry. They put a lot of chemicals in those pools. They almost have to, you wouldn't believe what they find in them.

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It's not unusual to throw up a couple times from ingesting pool water when kids are little...but if by all night you mean like more tahn twice tehn I would think he may have gotten some bacteria in him...if the indoor watrepark has sprayers and such, those can get contaminated with toxic levels of may want to get him to the emergency room.

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He probably overexerted himself. He may feel feverish but it's probably from playing so hard. Try giving him some room temperature water with an 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt so his blood cells can absorb the water b/c he's now dehydrated from throwing up. But you should ultimately take him to a doctor.

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For now I would say give him some sprite or 7up and crackers
to calm his stomack down then send hubby out for Pepo the
pink stuff and hopefully by am he will be ok, but if it keeps up go to doc asap. He could have picked up a bug from the water!

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this in major problem but u should be care-full about the pools it has a lot of bacteria in htem like Most kids pee in the pool maybe its that and hes justswolowing the water or its thev chlorine u should confront the doctor about this so he can get a test but maybe he should quit the swimming for a while or take medicine before .. Also if ur toldler is eating before swiming maybe thats why hes throwing up becuase he is getting sick after he runs/swims after a while it would be good if he just swims at a friends or sisters hous or not swim at all for a short period of time :]

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